Dunn Sport and Wellness Scholar

Along with applying for admission into The Ohio State University, I applied to the university’s Honors and Scholars program. Once admitted, I chose to be a part of the Dunn Sport and Wellness Scholars. The Dunn Sport and Wellness Scholars aim to create well-rounded leaders by involving each scholar in a multitude of wellness workshops, networking events, and leadership programs. For more information about the program, check out https://honors-scholars.osu.edu/scholars/programs/sws .

Each semester we engage in weekly professional development meetings, 10 hours of service, and various involvement opportunities such as wellness workshops, intramural sports, and mentorship meetings with our peers. This scholars program has provided me with many opportunities, and I am incredibly grateful to be a part of it.

In my second year, I became the volunteer coordinator for our scholars; I organized methods of volunteer throughout the fall and spring semester so that members could reach their 10 hour volunteer requirement. COVID-19 created many obstacles for volunteering, but I was able to create options virtually so the program could practice social distancing. One of these events included hand-made cards for healthcare workers and nursing home patients to encourage them through the difficult times.

As a result of all of my hard work during my two years in this program, I received the J. Michael Dunn Distinguished Sport and Wellness Scholar Award. This award is given to one student who exemplifies Michael Dunn’s mission to promote academic success along with maintaining wellness in everyday life. My peers chose me to receive this award, and I am beyond grateful to be carrying on the legacy of our program’s founder.

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