First Year Review

What a crazy year it has been! This was a year of adapting to challenges, determining new ways to study, discovering my passions, and learning how to be the best person that I can be, all while navigating through a global pandemic. This was not an easy year at all, but I am incredibly grateful for the experiences that I had during my first-year here at Ohio State.

I started the year as a biochemistry major, planning on attending medical school. But, I ended the year as a neuroscience major with minors in Spanish and Human Development & Family Studies. Ultimately, this was a year full of discovering my passions, and creating a curriculum that will allow me to fully pursue the career that I want. As of now, however, I am unsure of what exactly I want in my future career. I am interested in subjects like addiction, neurological disorders, social work, and how family structures lead to the development of children. I know that I definitely want to incorporate mental health into my future career because I am very passionate about it, and want to help others’ that are going through similar things to what I have in the past.

I am also very interested in learning more about the Spanish language, and would love to live abroad after college. So, I definitely think I have turned away from the clinical side of medicine, which has opened up a lot of room in my schedule to take classes that will help me determine exactly what I want to do in the future. Next semester, I plan on taking five classes: Spanish, Abnormal Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience, Nonprofit Organization, and Family Development. I am really interested in the topics learned in all of these classes, so I think it will be a great opportunity for me to determine what I want out of my next three years at Ohio State.

As for clubs, I have stayed involved in Cru, and have maintained my role as a Community Outreach Committee member for Buckeyes for Ronald McDonald House Charities. I am also still a member of AMWA, but plan on ending my participation next semester. Instead, I want to join a club or two that focus on mental health. This semester, I was part of the Honors and Scholars Semester of Service. I was in the Mental Health Awareness group, which allowed me to develop my passion for mental health. So, moving forward, I want to continue to stay involved with an organization that has these same interests.

Overall, my first year at Ohio State was wonderful, and I am excited to continue taking advantage of all that OSU has to offer!

Career Change

I started my first year of college with the intention of eventually attending medical school. Over the course of this year, I have changed my mind a few times. For a more detailed explanation, visit my first year review here. Now, I plan on working in the mental health field. This semester, I took part in the Honors and Scholars Semester of Service. I was in the Mental Health Awareness group which allowed me to develop my interest in mental health. We met twice a month and talked about different important aspects of mental health such as the mental health stigma, different types of mental health illnesses, and the history of mental health around the world. These meetings, combined with my personal struggles with mental health, as well as my interest in neuroscience, have made me want to have a career in the mental health field. I am unsure of what exactly I want to do, but now I know that I want to help people recover and learn to cope with their mental illnesses.

First Semester Review

This semester has been one of the most challenging semesters in my thirteen years of school. Due to Covid-19, I began this semester completely online, which was extremely challenging to adapt to. It was certainly not easy for me to establish a routine at first. I struggled to find time to do everything that I wanted to, and eventually felt burnt out. But, after having a few weeks of no routine and no good time management skills, I completely turned things around after going home for a weekend to reset. I came back to campus feeling much better, and had created a plan for how I was going to get everything done, and have time for myself. After establishing those new skills and habits, I am now really looking forward to my next seven semesters here at Ohio State.

Taking that time to reset and change my habits allowed me to participate in many other things this semester. I gained a position on the Community Outreach Committee for the Buckeyes for Ronald McDonald House Charities organization, which has been a really great way for me to meet other people and establish good leadership skills. I also joined CRU, which has allowed me to find a community of other Christians and foster friendships with people in my dorm. Each week, I also attend a Virtual Shadowing session delivered by a group of doctors from Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Texas. These sessions have given me the opportunity to learn about a wide variety of professions in medicine, and have allowed me to determine which professions could be the best fit for me.

This semester I also went through the process of changing my major. I started college as a biochemistry major, because I really enjoy chemistry and biology and thought it would be a great way for me to combine the two. However, I have always been really interested in psychology and the study of the brain, so this semester I took a neuroscience class to see if it peaked my interest or not. Sure enough, I absolutely loved my Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience class. So, I decided to change my major to something that I was really, really passionate about; neuroscience. I am so excited for all of the classes that I will be able to take these next four years, and am looking forward to hopefully working in a neuroscience or psychology lab next year.

Overall, although this semester and online classes were challenging to adapt to, I am so proud of myself for creating habits and skills that will continue to benefit me in the future. I am also proud of myself for beginning my college career well by joining clubs, and getting started on my pre-medicine track. I cannot wait to continue my college experience and am excited to see what else I accomplish these next four years.


G.O.A.L.S. is an acronym used by the Honors and Scholars program to encourage their students to take advantage of the resources at Ohio State in order to become more well-rounded individuals that strive to be active in their community.

G stands for Global Awareness which is the appreciation for diversity and each individual’s unique differences. In high school, I volunteered for a Family ESL Program every week, where I met children and families from a wide variety of cultures. I plan on continuing to volunteer for this program once it resumes in-person activities again. I also plan on studying abroad at some point in my undergraduate career in order to enhance my understanding of different cultures and places.

O stands for Original Inquiry which is the understanding of the research and scientific process by engaging in research. To strengthen my skills in this category, I want to participate in research at some point in my next four years. I would really love to work in a neuroscience or psychology laboratory, so I am currently doing research to find labs that I am interested in.

A stands for Academic Enrichment which is developed through the taking of and participating in rigorous coursework and curricular experiences. I have already shown my excellence in this category by maintaining a 4.0 all four years of high school. I also took dual enrollment college courses for two years of high school, and made the Dean’s list all four semesters at Columbus State Community College. I plan on continuing this excellence as I take more rigorous classes here at Ohio State. The Neuroscience Program here at Ohio State also allows its undergraduate students to take graduate level neuroscience classes through the Medical School. I plan on taking a few of these courses in my third and fourth years in order to challenge myself academically.

L stands for Leadership Development which is the ability to develop leadership skills in the classroom, in the community, and in student organizations. I have already shown leadership development through holding multiple leadership positions in high school. I was the President of National Honors Society, as well as a member of Key Club, and a Teen Volunteer in the Family ESL Program. Here at Ohio State, I am a member of the Community Outreach team for the Buckeyes for Ronald McDonald House Charities organization. Throughout my next four years, I plan to continue to sharpen my leadership skills by applying to the executive boards of other organizations that I am involved in, and work at a bakery in my hometown during school breaks.

S stands for Service Engagement which is the commitment to service in the community. As I mentioned previously, I was a volunteer for a Family ESL Program throughout high school. Once in-person activities are resumed, I plan on continuing to volunteer there at least once a week. Throughout my next four years, I also want to volunteer at one of the local hospitals and participate in a service-learning trip to allow me to be engaged even more in service to my community.


Back in 2017, I went with a group of people to an orphanage in Mexico. To this day, that trip has been the most meaningful thing that I have ever been involved in. In one short week at the orphanage, I was able to practice my Spanish language skills and build connections with all the children living there. I grew my love of Spanish and decided that I wanted to continue pursing this passion throughout college, which is why I have chosen to minor in it.

That week also allowed me to learn about the economic disparities and poor access to healthcare that is present in many parts of Mexico. If one child at that orphanage gets sick, all the other kids would get sick as well, making it extremely difficult for the little amount of funding that the orphanage receives from the government to pay for the medicine and other medical expenses.

After learning how much I truly enjoyed Spanish, and hearing about how hard it is for the average person to receive medical care, I came back from the trip with the goal of working in a country similar to Mexico. I want to be able to provide medical care to people that struggle to find access, while also combining my interest in the Spanish language. Whether it be in the United States, or in a country in Central America, I want to use my future medical degree to help as many people as I can.

A picture from one of the childrens’ favorite games: having me guess who is covering my eyes!

About Me

I am Emmi Regenbogen, a first-year scholar student in the Biological Sciences scholars program. I aspire to be a physician one day, so I am majoring in neuroscience and minoring in Spanish in order to achieve that dream. My biggest goal in life is to use my skills as a physician to go on service trips to countries in Central America. I hope to work with other physicians and healthcare professionals to give people living in these countries access to healthcare that they may not have access to otherwise. I am a hard-working individual that strives to treat others with kindness, and constantly serve those around me. I think my passion for helping others and my love of science will allow me to accomplish all the goals that I have set for myself and my future.