Post-Socialist Memory in Global Perspective: Postcolonialism, Post-transition, Post-trauma

Please note that all start and end times are indicated according to Chișinău time, i.e. Eastern European Summer Time (UTC+3:00), and given in 24h format (i.e. 13:30, not 1.30 pm).

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NB. No papers will be presented in regular conference sessions. The purpose of the sessions is to discuss previously uploaded paper presentations. Thus, before participating in a session, please make sure you have watched all the associated paper presentations! Roundtable discussions can be followed without watching presentations, but introductory videos and/or texts will be uploaded beforehand and it is recommended that you view them before the discussion.

The plenary sessions, however, require no such preparation.

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Unless otherwise stated, all conference events are in English.

Even though the conference has been moved online, every day features at least one panel, paper or plenary event related to Moldova and/or Romania. Relevant events have been highlighted with a Moldovan 🇲🇩 and/or Romanian 🇷🇴 flag. (Please note that some browsers are unable to display these flags and you will see the abbreviations MD or RO instead. In that case, try using a smartphone to view this page.)

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