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I learned that online classes are not easier than traditional classroom. Before taking this class, I thought this was indeed the case, but I was wrong. Don’t assume because the course is entirely online you will to spend less time working on it. In fact you might have to spend more time than you’d usually spend in a traditional class. Things are not always going to go as smooth as you’d expect. You always have to work ahead in case if any you might encounter any inconvenience along the way. For example, if you’re working from home, there could be a problem with your internet connection or some internet virus is messing up your computer. In addition, you might also stumble on some things that you don’t quite understand and you might need some clarification. Reaching out to other classmates or your professor is the obvious thing to do, but it’s not guaranteed someone is going to answer right away. This is why building online relationships with a few of your classmates and especially your professor are important. Getting to know some your classmates and finding the best way to communicate with them is one of the key to success. Make sure your professor know who you are and don’t expect him/ her to respond to your questions on the same day. I found responsibility and commitment are very important in order to be successful in taking online classes. If you’re not a responsible person it’ll be hard for you to find success and you’ll struggle with getting things done .To be successful in online class you have to treat it like a traditional class. Instead of going to lecture at a specific time every week, it’s your responsibility to make up your own schedule as to when to go over each module every week. However, it’s easy to get distracted and get off track. You have to be focused .When working online, closing all other tabs that are not related to the course, putting your cellphone on silent and turning off the TV are the best ways to stay focused. Listening your music playlist is another way to stay focused. Because this was brand new to me, I tried to approach it the same way as a traditional class, it didn’t work. I had to find a place where I can stay focused and not be distracted. You don’t have to stay at home, find a place where you’re best comfortable learning. Procrastination is a killer. Avoid procrastinating as much as you can by working ahead. It’s always hard to stay focused at the end of the semester, thankfully I used my phone and google calendar to remind me what I needed to do.  As a procrastinator I learned that working and planning ahead are very helpful. I really enjoyed writing weekly blogs. By writing these blogs I was able to apply what I learned from the modules and express myself. They also tested my knowledge and how I understood the topics. I’ve used Google calendar before and I didn’t know it was this awesome. In the future I plan to use it more along with the other websites to study.

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