searching and researching strategies

There are many websites where you can find Academic information. However, you must be aware of what websites you are using. You cannot just pull information from any website for your research papers.  Avoid using blogs and wikis, because they’re not reliable or peer reviewed. Anyone can make up a blog and anyone can get online and edit a wiki page. If you want to use an online source, it’s really important to look for reliability, quality, and utility. To me reliability is the most important, because if the author is not reliable, both the quality and the utility of the piece are questionable. A reliable author is one whom contact information, biography, affiliation, previous work, and reputation can be found easily. Quality is important, you should always analyze the source to figure out if it’s something that you can use on your paper. You must look for consistency, references, and dates. The more recent the source is, the better. Lastly, you must determine how useful the source is. Find out if the source provides sufficient details for your paper. Based on my experience, I recommend anyone who’s conducting research for a paper, you must look for more than article, magazines, journals etc. then evaluate all of them and pick the right one that corresponds better to your paper.

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