listening and viewing strategies

Listening to an audio lecture online can be as difficult as sitting in a classroom trying to take notes and understanding the topic. You can easily get distracted. Before you begin listening the lecture, make sure you put away your cellphones, close other web browsers, turn off the TV, etc. You have to be patient because it might take you a longtime to grasp what is being said. It’s hard to listen and take notes at the same time. When you’re listening to a lecture you have to focus on what the lecturer is saying. It is your responsibility to write down relevant information. In order to do this you must be fully engaged in and not just listening with your ears. No matter how proficient and skilled you are, you’re not going to catch everything by listening to the tape once. It might seems tedious, it’s always good to listen to the tape more than once. You might catch something important you didn’t catch the first time. However, watching a video is little bit easier for most people, especially if the video is being displayed in PowerPoint. Usually PowerPoint presentations show animations; which can help you understand the materials faster.  At last to be successful at listening and viewing online lectures, you should get rid of anything that can be a distraction.

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  1. Taping lectures is always a great idea if possible, however, I do recommend asking for the professor’s permission first! I have heard that this could be considered a form of plagiarism unless it is properly handled. Yet, by taping a re-listening to lectures, not only will you catch something you missed the first time, but you will also learn by repetition and be better prepared for upcoming assignments/exams.

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