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This video is informative and provides a lot of details and explanations regarding what alcohol can do to our brains and our lives. This video also shows how the brain is affected when we consume alcohol. The purpose of the video is to show us, the damage that alcohol can do to our brains. Alcohol is a legal drug but it still affects our bodies. The video describes how every part of brain such as the cerebral cortex, frontal lobes, cerebellum and hypothalamus are affected when we are under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol has a rapid onset action, it travels to the brain really fast. This is the reason why we may feel light headed after drinking just one beer.

Alcohol is a legal drug. Although it is legal, we still need to be responsible and think before we drink it. We have to limit the amount that we consume. Young adults should specially pay attention to their alcohol consumption because our brains are still developing. Our BAC is why we are affected by alcohol. Drinking a lot of water is important when we consume alcohol. The message in the video is that we must drink responsibly. Alcohol changes everything. Frontal lobes may cause us to act without thinking, violently or out of character. The Hippocampus which is responsible for memory. That’s why we have trouble to remember things we did while under the influence. Cerebellum which is responsible for coordination, cause us not being able to walk properly. I learned that, it’s not how many drinks you have, but it’s how much you consume.

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