study strategies

Motivation is always a concern for us college students. It’s hard at times to stay focused and motivated throughout the semester. Getting involved in study groups is one of the best ways to stay on track. To succeed in college, it requires a lot of effort and a huge factor is also the amount of time spent outside of class studying. The internet is a great resource to use, it has a variety of free website that allow us to study at no cost. One of my favorite website to study is It has every subject and almost every topic you want to learn about. It’s a good tool to use to test your knowledge and assure yourself that you have mastered the topic. If you’re a chemistry major just like me I recommend trying Khan Academy. This website helped me succeed in organic chemistry.  I used it after every class even if understood what we did in class. Due to the complexity of organic chemistry, it’s always good to have someone else other than your professor explain it to you. It will help you master the materials. There are lecture videos for each topic. They’re free and you can watch them as many times as you want. This is my favorite website to study with thus far.

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