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Online social life is no different than the traditional classroom social life. However ,for some students it might be uncomfortable at first. If you are one of those students, imagine yourself being in a traditional classroom. However an online class requires a lot of self-discipline and organization. Participate in online discussions and get know other students. Developing strong online relationships with one or more students is one of way for you to insure your success in the class.  Getting other students’ email is a vital part of communicating online. Make sure you save every email account under its corresponding account owner. Avoid sending emails to the wrong person.  Beware of how you write your emails and how you address other students. Just like the way you present yourself in a traditional classroom says a lot about you; it’s no different in an online class.   Get to know your professor and make sure he or she know who you are as well. You must understand that she or he is probably teaching other classes. If he or he doesn’t answer right away to an email,  don’t get mad or frustrated . Therefore it’s important to start working on an assignment ahead of time in case any question or inconvenience might present itself.

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