The second year of college is an important year for most students. I feel like going into this year I finally figured out how classes work and getting into a routine for studying. I also joined more clubs and extracurricular activities as I finally feel at home at Ohio State. There are many things I want to accomplish this year. For Global Awareness, I strive to expose myself to as many cultures and different types of people as I can. I am a part of the Indian American Association where I learn more about my culture everyday. I am also in the process of becoming D.I.C.E certified to extend my knowledge of diversity and inclusion. This semester I have also gotten a job working with physically disabled people. As I want to go into physical therapy as a career, this has gotten me the chance to see how that career works. As my second year comes to a close I hope that I am able to extend my knowledge and opportunity and be able to observe these physical therapists. Academically, I have grown so much in the past year. I have worked hard in every one of my classes and strive to do the same throughout my four years here. I continue to take rigorous courses and challenge my thinking. As a second-year Mount Scholar, I have taken on many leadership roles around campus. I am the Alumni Relations Committee chair which enables me to put my leadership skills to test in terms of delegation and motivation as me and my co-chairs plan events for Mount alum. I am also the outreach chair for the Indian American Association where I use my communication and creativity skills to talk to other companies and organization in hopes of forming partnerships. Being a Mount scholar means that I also put a lot of my time into service. I am taking a class all about service-learning and understanding what it means to serve others. I am volunteering 3-6 hours a week at Boys and Girls Club in Columbus, helping adolescents from the ages of 5-16 with homework, studying, reading, and play activities. It has already been one of my favorite parts of my second year here at Ohio State as I am able to learn more about the Columbus community and serve them as best I can.