Knowledge Base

The knowledge base is arranged around 5 themes:

  1. Getting Started (what is REDCap, how to I get an account?)
  2. Design (building forms/surveys in REDCap)
  3. Collect (data collection)
  4. Manage (management of REDCap and/or data within REDCap)
  5. Troubleshooting (what to do when things go wrong)

Getting Started
What is REDCap?
Getting an account / getting access to an existing project
Requesting a new project

Create a repeating instrument
Set a custom record label
Using the shared library

Administer a survey in person
Allow survey participant to save and return later

Adding a User to a REDCap Project
Assign a user to a Data Access Group
Build a custom dashboard

Account login doesn’t work
Account is expired / has been suspended