Alex K. Student Spotlight

Alexander Kiseloff of Columbus is a senior at the Ohio State College of Social Work interested in working in the field of substance misuse. He loves traveling, meeting new people and dogs. His passion is helping others overcome addiction. Alex’s favorite place on campus is Union Hall and has most enjoyed his biology courses. His most memorable moment as a Buckeye was the CRC Trip to Washington D.C for Unite to Face Addiction.

His journey of substance misuse began at 19. “I have struggled with addiction for many years. I was an IV drug user for approximately ten years. Multiple failed treatment attempts and 3 years in jail were the results of my using. I finally found the solution in a 12-step program and stopped using all mind-altering substances. The support I found in my 12-step program, my family, CRC and sober housing have been instrumental in my recovery.” To Alex, life in long-term recovery means life without the use of drugs. “…but it also means to be a good son, friend and productive member of society. It means to have integrity and help others. It means not using no matter what happens in your life.”

Alex spoke very highly of the CRC. “It has given me support I needed as a student who is also in recovery. It is a place that I can go and talk about my challenges in school but also a place where I can share my experience in recovery with other students.” his words of advice to anyone working towards recovery, “I have failed many times to quit drugs. It is something that is difficult to do. For me, it was the hardest thing I have ever done, but it is so worth it. I just kept on trying, no matter how many times I have failed. Trust the process and you’ll succeed.”