Sindhu V. Graduate Spotlight

Sindhu V. of Dublin, OH is graduating with her degree in Human Development and Family Sciences with an At Risk Youth Specialization. Some of her favorite hobbies include singing, painting, and curling up with a good book. One of Sindhu’s favorite experiences at Ohio State was attending Scarlet Gray and Sober Tailgates. The CRC drop in center and the art spot are her two favorite places on campus. These two places create a safe space for her to go to for when she had a stressful day. After graduation, Sindhu plans to start work as an ABA therapist she hopes to increase her case load until she leaves for her OTA program. Sindhu says the Collegiate Recovery Community has helped her in many ways! Besides helping her stay on track, it has provided her some of her closest friends and fondest college experiences.

Jesse P. Graduate Spotlight

Jesse P. of Ann Arbor, MI is graduating with his degree in Logistics Management. Some of his favorite hobbies include fishing, weight lifting, running, swimming, and shooting guns (*pew pew*). Some of Jesse’s favorite experiences at Ohio State include going to the OSU-Penn State game, getting good grades, being close to his mom, and CRC meetings. Jesse told us his favorite place on campus is Lincoln Tower because it is very quiet and convenient to study. After graduation Jesse looks to start a career in logistics or supply chain management. When asked about how the CRC enhanced his experience he told us “I feel that I have a support group and it has made me feel not alone.”

Grace R. Graduate Spotlight

Grace R. of Hilliard, Ohio is graduating with a degree in Social Work. Some of her favorite hobbies include Hiking, horseback riding, and playing with my dog Clue. Some of her favorite experiences at The Ohio State University include being positively influenced by professors and fellow student’s passion. Her favorite place on campus is The CRC “It is a place where I am surrounded by individuals that I relate to and can be authentically me.” After graduation Grace plans on continuing her education through earning a Masters degree in Social Work. Through being involved with the CRC Grace says she has gained a greater since of belonging and connection to campus. “Having support for my education and long-term recovery by a program of people who are eager to celebrate with me when I succeed and to assist me in my times of need is invaluable and I am forever grateful.”

Beth T. Graduate Spotlight

Beth T of Virginia Beach, Virginia is graduating from Ohio State with a degree in Social Work. She is excited to be saving one person at a time with a Minor in Substance Misuse and Addiction. Some of her favorite hobbies include crocheting, binging on Netflix, and taking care of other people’s doggies. Some of Beth’s favorite experiences at the university are with the CRC and the sense of community we have together. She also thoroughly enjoyed going to football games, her experience at the College of Social Work, and being a part of The Ohio State University in general. Her favorite place on campus was the Collegiate Recovery Community drop-in center inside Lincoln Tower’s 12th floor. It is her safe place on campus along with the Horseshoe! Her future plans after graduation include working at Franklin County Children Services as a case worker for a year and then go back for her masters in social work with a MPA minor! This community has enhanced her collegiate experience by “helping me feel a part of, like I belong here. I am someone at OSU!”