Melinda Benson Ally Spotlight

Melinda Benson 
is a Clery Act Program Coordinator and is a very proud Texan from Southlake, Texas. She loves her job at The Ohio State University, and works “with the greatest colleagues in the office of University Compliance and Integrity.” She played the piano for over twenty years, and says it is still one of my favorite things to do. She also enjoys doing Kickboxing and Zumba to stay fit and for the endorphin’s! “I love trying new things, and repeating the best things, with my husband Greg, my dog Mandy, or my best friends! And in my solitary moments, I adore a good cup of coffee and a library book.”
When asked why she was a recovery ally, she told us how someone in recovery had influenced her. “I met an inspiring student who was in recovery at my last institution, and through my relationship with him I learned a lot about recovery and recovery support systems, and how they interact with a students’ experience. I believe that we all need cheerleaders in our lives!”
Melinda’s support for recovery extends beyond just supporting people in recovery; she is also an avid proponent for Collegiate Recovery Communities. “The CRC provides a powerful social network and community that facilitates its students’ support of each other, to authentically live their values.” Her genuine concern for people in recovery on college campuses can be infectious, and her love for collegiate recovery continues to remind us why we do this. “After being in the University environment for over a decade, at five different institutions during that time, and in roles as a student, a graduate student, and now a professional, I have seen the powerful effect that social networks and community have on a student’s choices. We act primarily based on our own values, but we also act based on what we perceive to be the values of those with whom we have our strongest relationships. If students are surrounded by people who are committed to the same values, they are much more likely to achieve their goals!”