Action Fund: DONATE to Support #ReclaimOSU

On Wednesday 4/6, OSU student organizations including United Students Against Sweatshops, OSU Coalition for Black Lives, Still We Rise, International Socialist Organization, and Real Food OSU, are declaring #NoEndsNOW through a people’s open mic which will #ReclaimOSU.

After a year of systematic silencing of our voices and demands, we are creating our own space for student and community voices to be heard.

This event is organized by a coalition of OSU student organizations which are not funded by the University.

Please support this movement by donating to finance food, supplies, and other necessities to #ReclaimOSU.

Thank you!

We wanted to take a moment to share what we have built together by highlighting the media coverage and endorsements we’ve received over the past two years! Thanks to those who have joined in the movement for a more fair, just, sustainable and democratic food system at Ohio State:

Ohio Farmers Union

Local Matters

Slow Food Columbus

Snowville Creamery

Yellowbird Foodshed

North Market Development Authority Board

Kossuth Street Garden

Red Roots Community Garden

The Humane Society of the United States Agriculture Advisory Council for Ohio

Ohio Environmental Council

Ohio Fair Food

Sanfillipo Produce

Dr. Barbara Galantowicz

Marshy Meadows Farm

Fox Hollow Farm

Harris-Miller Farm

Will Allen of Growing Power

Jesse Freeston, Director of Resistencia – The Fight for the Aguan Valley

Environment Ohio

Great River Organics

Bird’s Haven Farms

Bill Long, Former Ohio State quarterback, Class of 1970


Media Coverage:

WOSU radio segment

Rally for Real Food, The Columbus Dispatch

Letter to the Editor, The Columbus Dispatch, by Joe Logan

Author Will Allen’s Revolution, The Lantern

Farm World Article

Letter to the Editor, The Lantern, by Bill Long


Thanks for all of the continued inspiration and support! We continue to urge President Drake to commit to a more just and sustainable food system. We stand united in saying, there is no time to lose.

Brought here by the video?

Thanks for your interest in Real Food OSU and welcome to our website! Above you’ll find tabs for more info on our campaign, how you can get involved with the Real Food Challenge at OSU, and our online petition! Here is an easy way you can share our video with President Drake and show him that you care about Real Food and want OSU to commit! Make sure to share our video on social media and thanks again for your support!!

TONIGHT Black Lives Matter and the Food System (Part 2)

Join Real Food OSU for the second part of our discussion on Black Lives Matter and the food movement

The Black Lives Matter movement emerged as an active resistance to instance of police violence and brutality. But there are other, less obvious forms of violence that target communities of color, such as the organization of agriculture and the distribution of food. Join us for the second evening of this two part speaker series discussing the relationship between movements for racial equality and food justice.

This event will engage student activists and community organizers, whose efforts extend across the Black Lives Matter movement, urban food sovereignty, and farm worker justice movements. We will engage in panel discussion followed by participatory audience discussions, followed by a question and answer.

Wednesday November 4th

6:00-7:30 PM

Visit and Event Suite, 3rd floor of the Ohio Union at The Ohio State University
This event is free and open to the public, and can count for First Year Experience credits for first year OSU students. To register, follow this link:

Invite your friends via the facebook event.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Justice in the Food System Banquet!

Thank you to everyone who attended our Black Lives Matter and the Food System event last week! Panelists Ekundayo, Aramis, Ramon, and Jessica gave their insights and started real discussions about racial justice in the food system. Many issues were addressed like the disconnect between production and ownership of food and the current power structure of the food system. Then possibilities of solving these issues were discussed. Missed the meeting and want to know how to take action on racial justice and the food system?

Join and support groups like Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC), the Ohio Student Association (OSA), and the Ohio Organizing Collaborative among many others. And be sure to attend our next Black Lives Matter and the Food System event on Wednesday November 4th!

 Let’s continue the conversation of justice in the food system at our banquet this Saturday in honor of National Food Day!

Join Real Food OSU for a homemade dinner and panel discussion in honor of National Food Day! Join us for a dialogue with students and community members about justice in the food system. The panel, comprised of community members, farmers, academics, and students, will engage the audience in a discussion about the many areas of food justice and how they are all interconnected to our everyday lives, even here in Columbus! In the end, we will conclude by bringing the discussion back to Will Allen’s book and call to action, and talk about how we can join the “good food revolution” here in the OSU community!

Saturday October 24th, 2015

5:30-8:00 PM

Summit on 16th UMC

82 E 16th Ave, Columbus, Ohio 43201

Be sure to register secure your spot at the dinner here!

FIRST YEAR STUDENTS, this event counts toward the OSU First Year Success Series requirement! Click here to register.

Invite your friends through our Facebook event!

Black Lives Matter and the Food System (Part 1)


black lives matter

The Black Lives Matter movement emerged as an active resistance to instance of police violence and brutality. But there are other, less obvious forms of violence that target communities of color, such as the organization of agriculture and the distribution of food.

This event will begin with presentations by community organizers and intellectuals on their work to build community self-determination and to fight for racial and economic justice. Their efforts extend across the Black Lives Matter, urban food sovereignty, and farm worker justice movements, and we will seek to connect across these identities and movements. The second part of the evening engages participants with themes of structural racism and effective action within and without the food system through facilitated small-group dialogue. Finally, the full group will reconvene to ask questions of each other, and to present opportunities for organized action.

Tuesday October 13, 2015 at 6:30 pm

Third Floor of the Ohio Union in the Visits and Events Suite

If you are unable to attend this evening, the second part of this series will be on November 4th in the same place and time!

This event can count for First Year Experience credits for first year OSU students. To register, follow this link:

Check out the Facebook event here.

Rally and Vigil for Real Food!

It’s finally happened! The Real Food Challenge will be meeting with President Drake THIS THURSDAY to talk about committing to Real Food@OSU–but we need YOUR support to make it happen!

Join us for a rally and vigil during the meeting to show him that students are serious about local, sustainable, fair, and humane food at OSU!

We need you, friends, family, neighbors, EVERYONE to help us win the ultimate goal: healthy, happy, REAL FOOD FOR ALL.

***Get excited!! We will be having Snowville Creamery milk and yogurt at the rally to fuel our celebration of Real Food! A big thank you to Warren Taylor and the Snowville team!***


TOMMORROW! Thursday Sept. 10th @ 2 pm!

On the Oval in front of Bricker Hall

Facebook event here!


Also if you would like to email President Drake in support of the Real Food Challenge click here!

Will Allen @ OSU 9/21/15

Will Allen, author of this year’s Buckeye Book Community pick “The Good Food Revolution”, is coming to Ohio State to talk about his book on September 21st!

About the book

“The son of a sharecropper, Will Allen had no intention of ever becoming a farmer himself. But after years in professional basketball and as an executive for Kentucky Fried Chicken and Procter & Gamble, he cashed in his retirement fund for a two-acre plot just outside Milwaukee’s largest public housing project. The area was a food desert with only convenience stores and fast-food restaurants to serve the needs of locals. Despite financial challenges and daunting odds, Allen built the country’s preeminent urban farm, now a food and educational center that produces enough produce and fish year-round to feed thousands.

Employing young people from the neighboring housing project and community, Growing Power shows how local food systems can help troubled youths, dismantle racism, create jobs, bring urban and rural communities closer together, and improve public health. Today, Allen’s organization helps develop community food systems across the country.

An eco-classic in the making, The Good Food Revolution is the story of Will’s personal journey, the lives he has touched, and a grassroots movement that is changing the way our nation eats.”

Come and hear Will talk about his journey of bettering the food system and the benefits of real food!

First-year students: Register to attend through the First Year Success Series.
General public: Register at

Monday September 21st, 2015 at 7:30 pm.

Mershon Auditorium

Doors at 6:30

What is REAL FOOD?

REAL FOOD at OSU is an Ohio State University student organization working towards a better food system on campus and in our community! Our current goal is for OSU to sign the Real Food Campus Commitment, developed by the Real Food Challenge.

The Real Food Challenge is a nationwide campaign for college campuses to commit 20% of their food budget to Real Food by 2020. The Real Food Challenge defines Real Food as local and community based, fair, humane, and ecologically sound. But what does that actually mean?


Community Based Food

These foods can be traced to nearby farms and businesses that are locally owned and
operated. Sourcing these foods supports the local economy by keeping money in the community and builds community relations. The food travels fewer miles to reach consumers. The food is seasonal, and when it is fresh, it often has a higher nutrient content.


Fair Food

Individuals involved in food production,  distribution, preparation, and other parts of the food system, work in safe and fair conditions; receive a living wage;are ensured the right to organize and the right to a grievance process; and have equal opportunity for employment. Fair food builds community capacity and ensures and promotes socially just practices in the food system.


Humane Food

Animals can express natural behavior in a low-stress environment and are raised with no hormones or unnecessary medication.


Ecologically Sound Food

Farms, businesses, and other operations involved with food production practice environmental stewardship that conserves biodiversity and preserves natural resources, including energy, wildlife,
water, air, and soil. Production practices should minimize toxic substances as well as direct and indirect petroleum inputs.


Want to join our Real Food community? Click here for more info!