Second-Level Writing


Graduate WPA
Columbus Beverly Moss Cristina Ramirez
Mansfield Carolyn Skinner
Marion Ben McCorkle
Newark Dan Keller


The Second Year Writing Program (SYW) in the Department of English offers courses that  build upon the writing and research skills student writers develop in English 1110 (First Year Writing). SYW offers various versions of English 2367, which meet the General Education Curriculum (GEC) requirements for Level 2–Writing and Communication, and some sections meet the Social Diversity GEC (*). English 2367 offer multiple “decimals” that correspond to different global course themes. These include the following:

Course Number
Course Title
Sample Syllabus
ENGL 2367.01

Language, Identity, and Culture in the U.S. Experience*

ENGL 2367.02

Literature in the U.S. Experience*

ENGL 2367.03

Documentary in the U.S. Experience

ENGL 2367.04

Technology and Science in the U.S. Experience

ENGL 2367.05

The U.S. Folk Experience*

ENGL 2367.06 Disability in the U.S. Experience*
ENGL 2367.07s Literacy Narratives of Black Columbus*
ENGL 2367.08 Video Gaming*

Graduate students are often assigned to teach 2367 at least once (often multiple times) during their time at OSU. The 2367 curriculum is open in that you are given a great deal of freedom in designing and implementing your course. The SYW staff are available to help you design your course at any stage—from early concepts to daily lesson plans.

To teach any version of 2367, graduate students must complete the annual SYW training. The mandatory training (which usually takes place at the end of spring semesters annually) is an extended workshop that helps new instructors understand the goals and learning outcomes of 2367, learn how 2367 is similar to and different from 1110, and practice backwards design and scaffolded research planning. Additionally, the SYW training has a strong focus on how instructors can build a course that centers social diversity in impactful ways.

Some sections of 2367 (specially .05, .06, .07s) require additional training. If you are interested in teaching one of these sections, you should meet with a member of the SYW staff to discuss the additional training requirements.

If you are interested in teaching 2367 online, you are required to complete the annual online teaching training. This SYW specific training usually takes place at the end of autumn semesters, and potential instructors explore transitioning their teaching into digital environments. You do not need to complete the general 2367 training before participating in the online training.

Resource Pages

A robust set of resources for teaching 2367 is available in the SYW Carmen/Canvas site. Anyone interested can be added to this course (even before being assigned to teach 2367). If you’d like to be added to the site, please email the SYW staff.