Recent RCL Research

Here’s some work we’re really proud of from our graduate students, alumni, and faculty:

Our program also engages in quite a bit of cross-rank collaboration. For example, consider the following published projects that involve current graduate students, former graduate students who are now faculty, and current RCL faculty:

Our program also values cross-disciplinary collaboration. For example, consider the following projects that involve current graduate students and/or RCL faculty:

Cross-disciplinary, cross-rank collaboration in RCL is enabled and supported by the larger Ohio State community’s commitments to such research. Check out these amazing public/cross-disciplinary connectors!

Research Resources at Ohio State

Institutional Review Board
Protecting Human Subjects in Research at Ohio State
Guidelines for Writing a Research Protocol

  • This document outlines an important first step to completing the IRB application.
Data Analysis Software

OSU Library Research Resources
Ohio State University Library Subject Librarians

  • A subject librarian has expertise and experience in a particular subject or academic discipline.  
  • One of their most important assignments is to help you with your research