Grants + Funding

Kitty O. Locker Research Grant

The Kitty O. Locker Research Grant is awarded to one or more graduate students each year to subsidize research-related expenses incurred by graduate students who are studying business and professional writing. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Up to $1,000 may be requested. If you have questions, please email

How to Apply

To apply, please submit a brief proposal (i.e. no longer than two single-spaced pages; 12 pt. font; 1” margins) that includes the following (see Blakeslee & Fleischer p. 69 for additional guidance):

  1. Project description (e.g. What is your research question? What are your goals and objectives for the research? What are your plans or methods for carrying out the research? What is the anticipated impact of your research? Who is serving as your faculty advisor for the research project?)
  2. Project timeline (i.e. detailed summary of the timeline for the study. Include time required to obtain IRB exemption/approval, if necessary).
  3. Budget (funds may be used to support personnel, equipment, participant incentives, pay for second coders, etc.)


Proposals should be submitted via a Qualtrics submission form, which can be found at

Proposal Review Process

If the requested budget exceeds $250, the proposal will be brought to the Writing Program Directors Committee, which meets monthly. For budgets less than $250, the Vice Chair of RCL will review the proposal internally and consult with other WPD Committee Members on an ad hoc basis. You should hear about the status of your proposal within 30 days of submission.

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