Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

In order to create a healthy learning environment, please follow the following standards when interacting with other members of this academic community via discussion boards, comment sections, and contact forms:

  1. Be helpful: Is your post helpful? Posts and responses should add to the discussion by articulating a different perspective, expanding on post material, or asking a question that is useful for other readers. Debate is encouraged as long as you respond to the ideas of the other participant(s) and not attack the participants themselves.
  2. Be polite: Is your post polite? Posts and responses should respect fellow users and not include insulting or abrasive language.
  3. Be sensitive: Is your post sensitive? Posts and responses should take care to be sensitive to users with different cultures and backgrounds.
  4. Be appropriate: Is the content of your post appropriate? Users are not allowed to post inappropriate (e.g., obscene) or copyrighted content, advertise or promote material not related to this website, or spam other users of the site.


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