Informed Weekend: 10 Links I Learned From This Week (Vol. 26)

Here are the ten(ish) links I learned from this week:

  1. The “Other Side” is Not Dumb (Medium)
  2. The Raw Videos That Have Sparked Outrage Over Police Treatment of Blacks (The New York Times)
  3. What Gary Johnson, the Libertarian nominee for president, wants to do to America (The Washington Post)
  4. Three Terrible Things the Election is Teaching Your Child (Time)
  5. F.B.I. Director James Comey Recommends No Charges for Hillary Clinton on Email (The New York Times)
    1. Further Reading: Hillary Clinton’s email problems might be even worse than we thought (The Washington Post)
  6. Hillary Clinton plans to fill half of her Cabinet with women. Here’s why that matters. (Vox)
  7. From Whitewater to Benghazi: A Clinton-Scandal Primer (The Atlantic)
  8. Brexit is about the United States, Donald Trump, and especially fear (Vox)
  9. Bernie Sanders Expected to Endorse Hillary Clinton on Tuesday (NPR)

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"Black Lives Matter" by Tony Webster (CC BY-SA 2.0)

“Black Lives Matter” by Tony Webster (CC BY-SA 2.0)

3 thoughts on “Informed Weekend: 10 Links I Learned From This Week (Vol. 26)

  1. I read a few of these articles posted, but the one that was most interesting to me was “Hillary Clinton plans to fill half of her Cabinet with women. Here’s why that matters”. I knew there would be more than just a political update within this article, but a political opinion explained. I think Clinton has some incredibly powerful stances and some she should hold tightly to. But having an gender equal cabinet is not one of them. It is in one way stating that she has already decided she will choose gender over ability. The question could even be raised, what if based on ability she should take a greater percentage of women than men? Or vice versa, would she still maintain an equal cabinet? It communicates too obversely that she is focused more on her ideals than the ideals of the country. This is not to say anything about Clinton’s ability as a president or even her political views. The article was very interesting to read though none the less

  2. The article that stuck with me the most was about what this election is teaching the children of America. They won’t understand the politics about it but they will understand the attacking nature for he election. They will see how Trump is called a bully by many but stills end up winning the republican nomination. This could cause children all over the country that its okay to be the “bully” and they would win. Also another idea that this election has brought about is the idea of one being wrong and another one right. just because you differ in ideas and ideology doesn’t mean your wrong. This election has become very “violent” where the candidate is either right or a bad person. all these are scary ideas being seen by the future of America

    • Alan, it definitely is sad. I hope that I am not contributing to the bullying and finger pointing of this election!

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