Why We Support Donald Trump

Out of the students who completed the extra credit, 33% supported John Kasich, 32% supported Bernie Sanders, 15% supported Donald Trump, 12% supported Ted Cruz, and 8% supported Hillary Clinton. Every few days, I will post some of their statements to this website in order to a) highlight their work and b) to provide some context on how today’s college students feel about the 2016 presidential candidates.

Here’s the schedule for the postings (in alphabetical order by candidate):

Today, we will hear from three students who personally support Donald Trump.

Response 1, Casey B.*

Almost every American knows Donald Trump. Some know him for his wealth, some know him based off of politics, and some know him as a despicable human being. Personally, I think Trump is a good candidate to run our country. While what he says can be questionable at times, some of the things he says raises good points, and he has a plan to make America better. Specifically, I agree with his views on abortion and immigration.

Trump is pro-life when it comes to his views on abortion, with the exception of a woman being raped or if the woman’s life is in danger if she were to give birth. I agree with these reasons because if a woman is forced into having sex with another man that she did not want to have sex with, she should have a right to an abortion. Also, if a woman is on the brink of dying due to a childbirth, she should have a right to have an abortion so she can continue her life. Any other reason should not be applicable when seeking an abortion, and Trump supports abortion restrictions in most situations.

I also support Trump on his views on immigration. Besides the obvious and somewhat farfetched idea of building a wall on the U.S. border, Trump has good points in explaining why illegal immigrants should be deported immediately. Trump says he will deport at least 50,000 illegal immigrants if elected because they are selling drugs, raising crime rates, and stealing jobs from American citizens. I agree with Trump on this position. Illegal immigrants should have to earn their citizenship like the rest of American citizens.

Trump can become a great leader of the United States if he is elected president. He will need to watch how he says things during speeches and meetings. If he is able to get help in being professional with the way he speaks, he can be a very good president and leader of our country.

Response 2, Darren E.*

This primary year has been a long and difficult one for Republicans in our quest to find the right candidate to stop Hillary Clinton and re-establish conservative viewpoints to a hurting nation. After studying each candidate, I found that I wanted a change – no more establishment politicians. Doctor Ben Carson drew my support at first, but he withdrew from the race and announced his support for Donald Trump. I support Donald Trump because of his positions on gun control and immigration.

I support Donald Trump because he opposes gun control. Specifically, he wants to uphold the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. I support Donald Trump’s position on this issue because he believes politicians are trying to take away our Second Amendment rights. The right to bear arms protects all of our rights and ensures self-defense not only against others, but also against the government, as set forth by the Founders. As a Columbus police officer for 15 years, I have seen many criminals get a slap on the hand for violent offenses. Strict enforcement of punishment for violent crimes and implementation of common sense programs, like Project Exile, are some of Donald Trump’s proposed ideas. Under Project Exile violent felon’s that used a gun to commit a crime were sent to federal court instead of crowding local courts and given a five year prison term with no parole or early release.

Another reason I support Donald Trump is because of his position on immigration. Specifically, he wants to stop illegal immigration and find better ways to allow legal immigration to continue. I support Donald Trump’s position on this issue because immigration reform needs to put the American worker first and not the wealthy looking for cheaper labor. Mr. Trump’s core principles of real immigration from his website are 1) a nation without borders is not a nation; 2) a nation without laws is not a nation; 3) a nation that does not serve its own citizens is not a nation. As a police officer, I have arrested numerous illegal immigrants who are sent to jail and deported by the ICE. Later, I see them again on the streets of Columbus. When questioned about our borders, they say that our borders are a joke – anyone can cross and get to any U.S. city within days. Putting American workers first and making E-verify mandatory for hiring are solutions to improve America. Securing our borders needs to be a priority to ensure the safety of each American.

I support Donald Trump as my candidate for President of the United States because America needs an outsider that will not be paid by the special interests to make America great again!

Response 3, Loni S.*

The presidential candidate that I support most in the 2016 presidential election is Donald Trump. Although he is very harsh and aggressive, a lot of his values and opinions on certain issues align with mine. One of the opinions Trump is most known for is his views on immigration. Trump opposes immigration and wants to build a wall to eliminate the threat of illegal immigrants coming into the United States. I support Trump’s position on this issue because as I have been studying economics at Ohio State I have seen that if America continues to allow immigrants to enter the country, it will only be harmful to the citizens who already live here. Illegal immigrants often work for less money and take available jobs and leave American citizens unemployed. Although Trump’s way of expressing his beliefs may sound heartless and mean, he truly is only looking out for Americans. Also, his way of separating his emotions from what’s best for the country shows me that he can be a strong leader and truly make decisions fully in favor of his citizens.

Another view that I agree with is Trump’s stance on gun control. He has stated in several interviews and even his kick-off speech for presidential candidate that he fully supports the Second Amendment and wants to protect it. I support his belief because I have been raised in a family of concealed carriers and have always viewed guns as protection rather than evil. Trump drew me even more towards his view in several of his speeches where he mentioned events that could have turned out differently, or how even been prevented, if the victims were carrying weapons as well. Trump’s loyalty to the Constitution makes me view him as a very strong candidate for president because that is what our government was built on from the beginning. Although many citizens might think badly of Trump for his belligerent, ruthless behavior I can see through his loyalty to both American citizens and the Constitution that he is the best candidate to “Make America Great Again”.


What about you? Why (or why not) do you support Donald Trump?

*Responses shared with written permission from the authors. Replication in any form, without permission from the author, is prohibited

"Donald Trump" by Gage Skidmore (CC BY-SA 2.0)

“Donald Trump” by Gage Skidmore (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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