Informed Weekend: 10 Links I Learned From This Week (Vol. 9)

Here are the ten links I learned from this week. For more on the 2016 presidential election, see here.

  1. Hard to say: A statement at the heart of the debate over academic freedom (The Economist)
  2. How Ted Cruz used good political science to design a disastrous mailer (Vox)
  3. Gender and Emotions on the Campaign Trail (Midwest Political Science Association)
  4. Obama’s Controversial Higher-Ed Legacy (The Atlantic)
  5. Six Degrees of Separation? Facebook Finds a Smaller Number (The New York Times)
  6. Americans want limits on their presidents – even the ones they voted for (Vox)
  7. Why are Americans so angry? (BBC News)
  8. Who killed the death penalty? (The Economist)
    1. Further Reading: A Record Number of Exonerations in the U.S. (The Atlantic)
  9. One party has decided. The other hasn’t. (Vox)
  10. Understanding the U.S. Primaries (The Everygirl)

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