Informed Weekend: 10 Links I Learned from this Week (Vol. 5)

Here are the ten articles that I’ve learned from this week:

  1. Why the most informed voters are often the most badly mislead (Vox)
  2. Why social sciences are just as important as STEM disciplines (The Washington Post)
  3. Supreme Court sides with Obama administration in Jerusalem passport case (Politico)
  4. America is Sliding into Open-Ended Conflict in Iraq (The Atlantic)
  5. Behind the Jeb Bush campaign shake-up (Politico)
  6. How the next few weeks could determine the fate of Obama’s legacy (The Washington Post)
  7. Trouble looms for Mitch McConnell’s Senate (Politico)
  8. Is the push for a $15-an-hour minimum wage a good idea? (Vox)
  9. The Myths of 2016 (Politico Magazine)
  10. One year ago, Islamic State stepped into the global spotlight. Here’s what has happened since. (The Washington Post)


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