Current Lab Members

Roger Ratcliff
Gail McKoon

Graduate Students:
Alex Fennell
Inhan Kang
Mikey Sales
Nadja Ging-Jehli

Systems Developer/Engineer:
Russ Childers

Senior Research Associate:
Anne MacGilvray

Research Associates:
Amanda Metskas
Moira Donovan

Recent Graduate Students + Postdocs

Corey White, Graduate student

Jeff Starns, Postdoc

Fabio Leite, Postdoc

Eric-Jan Wagenmakers, Postdoc

Pablo Gomez, Graduate student

Simon Farrell, Postdoc

Jeff Rouder, Postdoc

David Allbritton, Postdoc

Trisha Van Zandt, Postdoc

These recent past lab members took jobs in private industry:

Chelsea Voskuilen
Ph.D. student, now working as Marketing Data Scientist at Ford Motor Company

Jessica Love
Ph.D. student, now working as Editor-in-Chief of Kellogg Insight at Northwestern University

Bethany Casto
Master’s student, now working as Cybersecurity Project Management Consultant at JPI in WV

Victor Intermaggio
Master’s student, now working as a Researcher for Riot Games (previously Business Analyst with Amazon)

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