Important papers + information on the diffusion model:

Review of the diffusion model

Diffusion Decision Model: Current issues and history – In this paper we reviewed a number of topics including relationships among models, brief presentation, expanded judgments, collapsing bounds and urgency, optimality, and applications.

Annotated list of diffusion model publications – Many of our papers have research that is being used without the authors being aware of some of this history. Here is a list in which we describe each of our diffusion model papers in a couple of sentences.

Memory models – In this chapter we review the state of the global memory models from 2000.

Minimalist processing – A lot of our work in decision making, memory, priming and text processing is consistent with the view that a lot of human processing is minimal and passive.  This chapter shows the relationships between these domains.

Packages for diffusion model fitting:

Wiecki, T.V., Sofer, I. and Frank, M.J. (2013). HDDM: Hierarchical Bayesian estimation of the Drift-Diffusion Model in Python. Frontiers in Neuroinformatics, 7, 1-10.

Vandekerckhove, J., & Tuerlinckx, F. (2008). Diffusion model analysis with MATLAB: A
DMAT primer. Behavior Research Methods, 40, 61-72.

Voss, A. & Voss, J. (2007) Fast-dm: A free program for efficient diffusion model analysis. Behavior Research Methods, 39, 767-775.

Voss, A., & Voss, J. (2008). A Fast Numerical Algorithm for the Estimation of Diffusion-Model Parameters. Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 52, 1-9.

Wagenmakers, E-J., Van Der Maas, H. L. J. & Grasman, R. P. P. P. (2007). An EZ-diffusion model for response time and accuracy. Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, 14, 3-22.


See here for a list of work by topic that has been done in other domains using applications of the diffusion model.


See here for demonstrations of the diffusion model.