Current Lab Members

Roger Ratcliff
Gail McKoon

Alex Fennell, Graduate Student

Hanrui Mei, Graduate Student

Hanrui is a first-year PhD student in the quantitative area. She graduated from Indiana University in 2022 with a B.S in Mathematics and a B.A in Psychology and Economics. Her main research interests include Judgement and decision making, response time modeling, diffusion model and other sequential sampling models. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, painting, going to museums and art galleries, and watching movies.

Russ Childers, Systems Developer/Engineer

Russ joined the lab in 2003 as a programmer and electrical engineer. He programs the real-time data-gathering software and conducts data analysis. Russ also has integrated eyetracking, driving simulators, touchscreens, EEG, and voice control into the data-gathering and analysis process. Russ has been a co-author on several papers produced by the lab. In his spare time, Russ enjoys playing the flute and saxophone in several area concert and orchestral bands, plus he is an avid amateur astronomer.


 Madeline Healey, Research Assistant

Madeline graduated from OSU with a B.A. in Psychology in spring of 2021. She has been with the lab since November of 2021 and takes care of running experiments and day-to-day operations. Outside of the lab, Madeline has an impressive sock collection, loves to swim, and enjoys a good book.


Ilyse Freeman, Student Research Assistant

Ilyse is a third-year undergraduate student majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Film Studies. She has been with the lab since March 2022 and is eager to explore her research interests. She is excited to learn data analysis and start applying what she has learned in the classroom so far to real experiments. Ask Ilyse about her keychain collection!


Alex Casteel, Student Research Assistant

Alexandria (Alex) is a third-year undergraduate student majoring in Psychology. She has been with the lab since August 2022 and is thrilled to learn how a research lab works behind the scenes. She is passionate about helping others and gaining more knowledge about memory and cognitive aging. Alex is a member of Buckeyes Against Alzheimer’s and Undergraduate Neuroscience Outreach Organization. Outside of school she loves watching movies and playing with her two cats, BombPop and Chaco Taco.

Kylie Booth, Student Research Assistant

Kylie is a third-year undergraduate student majoring in Psychology. She has been with the lab since August 2022 and is looking forward to learning more about how to conduct research. Kylie participates in the powerlifting club at OSU, is an avid walker, and loves to cook. 


Recent Graduate Students + Postdocs

Corey White, Graduate student

Jeff Starns, Postdoc

Fabio Leite, Postdoc

Eric-Jan Wagenmakers, Postdoc

Pablo Gomez, Graduate student

Simon Farrell, Postdoc

Jeff Rouder, Postdoc

David Allbritton, Postdoc

Trisha Van Zandt, Postdoc

Inhan Kang, Graduate Student

Yonatan Vanunu, Postdoc

These recent past lab members took jobs in private industry:

Chelsea Voskuilen
Ph.D. student, now working as Marketing Data Scientist at Ford Motor Company

Jessica Love
Ph.D. student, now working as Editor-in-Chief of Kellogg Insight at Northwestern University

Bethany Casto
Master’s student, now working as Cybersecurity Project Management Consultant at JPI in WV

Victor Intermaggio
Master’s student, now working as a Researcher for Riot Games (previously Business Analyst with Amazon)