Programs to Generate Predictions from the Diffusion Model

Diffusion Model Analysis with fast-dm-30
A program by Jochen Voss and Andreas Voss for fast parameter estimation of the diffusion model.

HDDM: Hierarchical Bayesian Estimation of the Drift-Diffusion Model in Python
A python toolbox for hierarchical Bayesian parameter estimation of the Drift Diffusion Model (via PyMC).

Diffusion Model Correct Distribution of Response Times (.Rpad file)
See what the model predicts for a correct response distribution with your own parameter values.

Diffusion Model Quantiles (.Rpad file)
See what the model predicts for quantiles with your own parameter values.

Diffusion Model Output (.Rpad file)
See how the output changes with different values.

The Diffusion Model and the Effects of Aging
Attempt an exercise that shows what processing components slow older participants on various cognitive tasks.

Drift Rate Movie (Random Walk)
Watch illustrations of drift rate reaching a response boundary.

Single Cell Recordings Movie
Watch monkey eye movements as a stimulus is displayed. For more information see (Ratcliff, Hasegawa, Hasegawa, Smith, and Segraves, 2006) and (Smith and Ratcliff, 2004).

This was copied from Bill Revelle’s Personality Project Website, and was originally developed by TAs at Northwestern University.