Tips for Writing Thank-you’s

A simple, handwritten thank you note goes a long way to express gratitude for time, service, sponsorship, donation, etc. “A lot of respect can be earned or lost by our ability to say thanks”. We want to make a positive impact! We do encourage a handwritten note versus a typed one. Write as neatly as possible in blue or black ink!

Need a refresher on formatting? No problem.

  1. Begin with a greeting, like “Dear Mr. Jones,” or “Dear Insert Organization Here”.
  2. Express appreciation and why the thank you note is being written. Be specific. Don’t be afraid to go into detail about how the item/gift will be used.

Example 1:Thank you for serving as a class sponsor for the 2023 Portage County Jr. Fair Dairy Show. The duffle bag I received for first place is very much appreciated and will travel with me to future 4-H events!

Example 2:Thank you so much for purchasing my 4-H market rabbit at the 2023 Portage County Livestock Sale. The Portage County Fair has been a highlight of my summer since joining 4-H six year ago. The money received will be placed in a savings account to help pay for college. Thank you for your support of the Portage County 4-H Program and my 4-H project.

  1. Express appreciation/acknowledge generosity again. “Thank you again for your support of Portage County 4-H and the Portage County Jr. Fair. Your kindness is greatly appreciated.” -OR- Thank you again for your generosity and for supporting the 2023 Portage County Jr. Fair. I hope to see you again next year!”
  2. Closing: “Sincerely, _______”. Make sure the youth member signs their name.

Other Tips:

  • Encourage youth to be prompt in getting the thank you mailed- a suggestion is two weeks or less from the date the award, monetary gift, etc. was received.
  • Make sure the nature of the thank you is positive! We do not want to criticize or express the desire for a different or additional gift.  
  • Personalize it: add a photo to the thank you, thank the buyer/donor the following year on a poster above the animal or exhibit, etc. Counties may already have buyer/donor appreciation gifts (i.e. goodie bag, etc).
  • Make sure the youth member has the correct address for the individual/business.
  • Do not assume everyone is a professional at writing thank yous! Go over formatting at a club meeting, committee meeting, or QA event. It’s also helpful to provide additional resources to families and/or advisors.

Tips adapted from Ashlee Meardith, Trumbull County

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