Shape Grammar

The organization of shapes with the use of scale variations to convey the descriptive state of mind, composure.

Shape Grammar: Positive & Negative

The organization of shapes with the use of the Notan process to create a hypnotizing effect.


The use of linear perspective techniques to create my dream office space using simple and complex forms.

2D to 3D Translation

Exploring the relationship between a two-dimensional template and a three-dimensional form with the incorporation of surface illusion.

Space and Time Walk

Exploring, observing and recording an excursion on campus by creating a map that starts at Hayes Hall and leads to a specific location of our choice.

Patterning and Abstraction

Exploring the development of dynamic shapes while analyzing forms in nature to create a card and envelope set.


The creation of a new word and communicating the meaning of the new word through text and imagery while manipulating 2D and 3D forms in isometric projection.


The construction and design of a sketchbook to use for the remainder of the semester for mindmapping, visual and non-visual strategies, and brainstorming.

Layers- Deep Space

The use of paper layering techniques and light to display a hidden feature through deep space.

Body Augmentation

The creation of a structure for the body that has an interactive feature based on a carnival.

Dynamic Pages

The creation of a kinetic paper mechanism influenced by a selected song to emphasize the design principle, movement.

Gifting Design

The construction of a gift and packaging for our mentor with the use of a maximum of three materials.


The reconstruction of chess pieces with the exploration of narrative story telling while maintaining the game’s original rules.