Artifact 2

Usually when I pick up a book, it’s hard for me to finish it. I’m not an avid reader, and reading hasn’t always been my favorite thing to do. However, there’s one book that I’ve read and four years later, it’s still one of my favorite books that I’ve finished. I read a book my freshman year of high school called Love, Lucas. This book impacted me in so many ways. The author’s name is Chantele Sedgwick, and the book was published in 2015. This book is about a girl who recently lost her brother to cancer. While all of this was happening, her parents were constantly fighting and in the process of getting a divorce. Her mom suggests that they spend some time with her aunt, so they go and get settled there. Once they’re there, her mom hands her a journal full of letters that are for her from her brother, Lucas. Lucas had just recently passed away from cancer and her and her brother were very close.

The timing of me reading this book and my real life events lined up a lot. When I was reading this book, I had just recently found out that someone really close to me was diagnosed with cancer. It was really cool that the timing of the book coming into my life and what I was going through really lined up. It helped me relate to someone without having to actually having to share my feelings out loud.

Reading this book gave me a lot of hope and a lot of support in the fact that it was something that I could go back to when I wanted to know that someone else was going through the same things that I was going through. This book is still one of the most special books that I’ve ever read and it is my favorite to this day.