ODEE Yoga: Tips for Beginners

The Wellness Innovators are excited to announce the pilot of a new wellness offering at ODEE: lunchtime yoga.

The first session of our pilot takes place May , 12 – 1 pm.

I’ve been practicing for a while now so you might consider me biased, but yoga has done some magic things for my mental and physical health.

One chapter of Ohio State’s cultural history was the adoption of the “Be Here Now” mantra, and whether you’ve been through these trainings or not, any yogi could speak to the value of being present in your personal and professional lives.

Before things get too ‘far out,’ let me provide some quick tips for beginner yogis:


Bare feet. Really.

Socks will have you slipping around all over the mat, which is made of a material that establishes stable connection with your skin.

Pants, tights or sports underwear.

You’re lifting your legs in directions and positions different than a typical workout. If you aren’t prepared, you might end up leaving less to the imagination than you intended. =|

Water, of course!

Especially before and after. Many poses such as twists are meant to flush toxins out of your organs and spine, so it’s more than just replacing the water you lose to respiration/perspiration.

Optional: Small Towel

This yoga won’t be the “hot” yoga you might have heard of, but some people like using a towel even in more typical room temperatures, because it provides even more friction; kind of the name of the game in yoga when your weight starts sliding around on the mat. They make fancy yoga hand towels, but feel free to just bring the kind you’d use in the bathroom.

Not optional: Patience

While certain alignment is required for safety and efficiency in the practice, approach each direction knowing that there’s no perfect pose. Just what’s right for you on that given day. Judgment of yourself or others is very anti-yogi!


ODEE Staff: Email Jill Whitney if you’d like to join us on May 1.

One thought on “ODEE Yoga: Tips for Beginners

  1. Tip #2 is crucial. You do not want to downward dog in the wrong bottoms. Excited to see how the pilot goes!

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