Bake and Build


I told you bake sales were happenin.

These are some savory scones

(carrot, rosemary, parm)

I whipped up over the weekend for those people.

New Girl not a dessert person

confused face

Our group of ~10 students have been busy with fundraisers like this to fund the construction of the women’s health center–not our plane tickets or other personal expenses.

This fundraiser was probably the most pleasant for us. Others have involved Schott cleanups (which involves pouring out people’s spit tobacco bottles and other treasures left behind), selling basketball parking tickets (in sub-zero temps), and “Clean Up Columbus” opportunities, which probably had people wondering what we did to be serving volunteer hours picking up cold wet garbage on a Sunday morning.

Again, providing funding to the project itself is an important part of making this experience as valuable for our hosts as it is for ourselves. As students we are learning our lessons from the local women’s groups and our liaison, rather than running our own project. ¬†While we all want to jump in and ‘make a difference!’ local experts who know the needs and how to fulfill them will provide the direction for our work. We might only be good for muscles and money at this point, and since I’m still learning, that’s OK with me.

Want to donate to the project? You can! Comment below or send me an email for details.

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