Nominations for the Eddies


Narrowing down the best teaching and learning content on social media is seriously tough. There’s so much great stuff out there! I’m new to ODEE! Help!

… but any opportunity to have my name mentioned in someone’s acceptance speech is an opportunity I will not miss. Planning my red carpet ensemble now.



Okay, back to business.


Good luck, nominees! I’ll look forward to receiving my VIP Award Ceremony and afterparty invitations in the mail.



More info on the EduBlog Awards and how to participate:

Are You The Ladies?

Recently I’ve been stumbling across unassuming feminists in spaces outside of explicit “WE’RE the ladies!” kind of events, at Ohio State and around Columbus. Just one example being a woman I met in the bathroom of Ace of Cups who wants to have a workshop to teach girls power tools.

Hope the pleasant surprises continue.