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TEDxDayton, October 17, 2014 — Published by TED, January 12, 2015:
“Be a Local Food Superhero” talk by Brian Raison


Interested in helping your local hospital source and serve local foods?  Here’s a new study that outlines what hospital foodservice directors across Ohio said about their interest in doing just that. The majority want to use more local foods! Chapter 5 provides concluding information on how.
Click here to download:  Ohio Hospital Local Food Study

Here’s a resource that you can use for planning a new local food council… and a “food summit” in your area.
Click here to download:  Food Summit Template – Agenda + Event Plan

Here’s an opportunity to survey YOUR organization around the local foods issue. This may be helpful in designing or improving your “Wellness” programming.
Click here to download:  2014-Employee-Survey-INTRO LTR


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