As an honors student at The Ohio State University, my current actions and future plans for my  four years align with the principles of G.O.A.L.S., and I am proud to share how I will work towards each individual category of this framework.

Firstly is  Global Awareness, of which I plan to pursue through an eventual study abroad. Having a strong knowledge of our world and its diverse set of cultures is extremely important to any student, no matter what they are studying. Learning to appreciate and understand diversity through an educational study abroad would prepare me for a professional career full of professionals from a variety of backgrounds, especially in the potential professional fields of technology consulting or working for a larger technology company, as networking and making connections is crucial to the job. I hope to find a unique learning experience to teach me both about an academic area of interest and the appreciation of a new and unique culture.

One of the things that excited me the most about coming to Ohio State was the immense breadth of research opportunities. I am excited to make faculty connections in my first semesters to pursue undergraduate research in an area that interests me, directly associating with Original Inquiry. I will be working to gain research experience to eventually complete a senior thesis, exploring individual and original research projects. Having the opportunity to explore new fields of knowledge that I otherwise could not take a class in is extremely exciting to me, and I hope to update my ePortfolio with research credentials and updates throughout my four years frequently!

In regards to Academic Enrichment, my major is the perfect fit for my future career. I believe that data analytics will best prepare me for jobs of interest in the professional world after my undergraduate, as I wanted to gain these technological and statistical skills to analyze data and information professionally. However, I also have sought out general education classes that interest me outside of my major, and that make me excited to learn more. Two of my general education highlights so far have been Environmental Citizenship and Honors Introduction to Philosophy, both of which have challenged the way that I think about the world around me. Both of these classes have influenced me to think about potential minors, which is a very exciting way to enrich my academic experience at OSU.

As a first year, I have not had many opportunities yet to gain experience in Leadership Development, but I have made developments into a variety of student organizations that I intend to gain leadership experience in. As a member of BDAA,   I have the potential ability to gain experience leading within my academic area of interest, which would be extremely valuable to benefitting both my academic and leadership skills. I am also a member of the OSU climbing club, of which I have really enjoyed the social connections and team based interaction. Working towards a leadership position in this physically competitive environment would be extremely fun and very enriching to my leadership experiences.

Lastly, as a member of eminence, I am working with the freshman class to create our eminence service project, which we will develop and carry on throughout our next four years. I am extremely excited to see where this project takes me, and I know that it will be very valuable experience to connect with my community and be involved in Service Engagement. I am also still exploring other service organizations, specifically technology related service opportunities. The breadth of OSU’s student service organizations will allow for me to stay connected to the important value of service throughout my time at Ohio State.

About Me

Hello! My name is Melina Raglin, and I am a first year student and Eminence Fellow majoring in data analytics and minoring in philosophy. I’m very interested in the applications of technology and data analysis into other realms of professional work and study, as well as a variety of other subjects, including philosophy, sociology, music, and film. I am a member of Ohio State’s Big Data Analytics Association, a unique data analytics oriented organization here at Ohio State. I am also a member of Ohio State’s rock climbing club.

This spring semester of 2020, I will be working as a research assistant on a computational social science research project through the department of sociology. This project will work to examine inequality and race on the internet, applying data collection and analysis techniques to explore evidence of sociology concepts on a variety of online platforms.