Spring 2021 Juried Exhibition of Student Works

In Botany, to be radicant is to have roots that grow above the ground. The nature of these roots allows plant species to mobilize and adapt to any surface. During an unprecedented moment of remoteness, our proximity to the tactile, irregular, and bumpy surfaces of everyday life in the classroom, in our labs, and our studios are suddenly flattened, smoothened, stretched thin, and illuminated through our screens. RADICANT BODIES highlights the work of students who have found new ways to enact senses of creativity, community, and care during an incredible shift in our relationship towards technology and social proxemics. Our bodies negotiate distance and intimacy; the line between visibility and surveillance; what is organic and inorganic, to make sense of the complex terrain and interfaces we find ourselves traversing today.

Web design and curatorial statement by Dalena Tran