Compassion is the medicine we most need as individuals and as a species to heal suffering and free our spirits.
–Tara Brach, PhD

The Radical Compassion program offers a facilitated discussion by College of Nursing faculty, Dr. Sharon Tucker, on a Radical Compassion Program, developed by Dr. Tara Brach. This program, free to Ohio State faculty, staff, spouses and students, combines inspiring teaching, self-awareness practices, and video-recorded interview sessions with contemplative leaders and scientists committed to human compassion, mindfulness and wisdom. Attendees will learn concrete actions you can take each day to contribute to a more loving and compassionate world. 

Beginning Tuesday, September 22 at 7 p.m., participate in 10 weekly sessions (about 50-75 minutes each) that offer a pause in your day for a guided meditation and viewing highly inspiring interviews with experienced and known experts who discuss how to awaken compassion and promote kindness for self and the world. The Radical Compassion program lays out a straight forward path to build mindfulness skills and help you feel wiser, calmer, happier and kinder upon completion. The program is well timed with the social unrest in the country and includes content on racism and injustice. We want this program to work for you and your schedule; join in and leave as you need to. The resources are here, and we’re here for you!