EmPOWERment NSF Research Traineeship Program Fellowship Opportunities

EmPOWERment is accepting applications for the 2021-2022 academic year from current and prospective PhD students to The Ohio State University with an interest in sustainable energy. Prospective and first-year PhD students who are accepted into EmPOWERment also will be considered for a highly prestigious and competitive one-year fellowship opportunity funded by National Science Foundation that provides full funding to help support the trainee’s PhD studies and participation in the program.

EmPOWERment offers PhD students the opportunity to pursue interdisciplinary training in energy-system modeling, data science, energy policy, business, energy technologies, and legal, economic, and social-behavioral issues to address the challenges facing a sustainable energy future. EmPOWERment trainees are immersed in coursework, research, experiential-learning opportunities, a student community of like-minded individuals, and opportunities that are designed to introduce students to the unique challenges facing the advancement of sustainable energy systems. Trainees gain an in-depth knowledge of every facet of the sustainable energy landscape through a unique interdisciplinary experience that combines research, education, and communication training. Working together with faculty, industry mentors, and fellow trainees, EmPOWERment students prepare to become the next generation of innovative leaders in sustainable energy.

Prospective PhD students must apply and be enrolled in a PhD program to participate in EmPOWERment. EmPOWERment is designed to supplement a student’s PhD studies and is not a standalone PhD program.

For additional information about the program visit: energyfuture.osu.edu.