This is the website for the Quantum Symmetries Student Seminar hosted at OSU.

We are an audience of mathematics and physics PhD students and recent postdocs interested in the area of Quantum Symmetries, understood in a broad sense. We are a growing and diverse group, coming from both mathematics and physics backgrounds. Our group meets on Zoom every Friday and rotates speakers. The topics we think about include, but are not limited to Operator algebras (von Neumann algebras, subfactors, C*-algebras, non-commutative geometry), tensor categories (fusion, modular, unitary, etc.), quantum groups, Hopf algebras, Conformal/Topological-field theories and quantum information, topological invariants, etcetera.

We aim to welcome new attendees and speakers, so feel free to contact over email in case you have questions or comments, or if you would want to join or give a talk.

(Image by Kevin Walker, taken from https://kevinwalker.info/#hair8_2_v7865_s37332/2/52)