Wherry Lectures

The annual Robert Wherry speaker series honors the memory of Robert J. Wherry Sr., former Chair of the Department of Psychology. Wherry was an illustrious and prominent researcher and educator in industrial/organizational and quantitative psychology. These lectures focus on methodological issues in psychological research, and is funded by the Robert Wherry Development Fund and the Psychology Department.


2022  Kenneth A. Bollen, What longitudinal model should I choose?
2021   Geert Molenberghs, A Biostatistician’s Perspective on SARS-CoV-2: Data on Virus and People
2019    Sharon Bertsch-McGrayne, Bayes’ Rule: An underground theory that took over the world
2017    David Banks, Dynamic Text Networks
2016    Andrew Gelman
2014    Amanda Cox
2013    Brian Junker
2011     Melanie Wall, Spatially distributed latent variable models
2010    Robert C. MacCallum
2009   Richard Gonzales
2008   Steve Boker
2007   David Rindskopf
2006   Michael C. Neale
2005  George Karabatsos
2003   Daniel T. Kaplan
2002   Charles Reichardt
2001   Stephen West
2000   Leland Wilkinson
1999   John Nesselroade
1998   Roger Millsap
1997   Robert Cudeck
1996   Frank Schmidt