Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Last update: August 26, 2016

Who can use Qualtrics?

Qualtrics can be used by current faculty, staff and students with a valid Ohio State Username and password.

How do I access Qualtrics?

Follow the instructions on the Getting Started page of this blog site.

What training is available for Qualtrics?

Qualtrics offers its own robust customer service and training resources online at Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to use the Qualtrics-provided resources first to learn how to use Qualtrics and address issues beyond the scope or knowledge base of OSU staff. This site’s Resources page contains additional help aids to become familiar with creating and managing surveys in Qualtrics.

I can’t distribute my survey. What should I do?

All Ohio State faculty, students, and staff are automatically assigned to a default account in Qualtrics. The default account is designed for students’ use of Qualtrics for academic purposes and does not allow distribution of any surveys that are created.

You can upgrade to a standard account by requesting an upgrade code from your Division Administrator.

If you have already upgraded to a Standard Account and are still experiencing issues distributing your survey, contact your Division Administrator for assistance.

Students using Qualtrics for an academic course, should contact their professor for assistance with issues.

How do I get an upgrade code?

Upgrade codes can be obtained through your Division Administrator.

Students using Qualtrics for an academic course, should contact their professor for assistance

Who is my Division Administrator?

The current list of Division Administrators is located here:Division Administrator. This list is updated quarterly.

Who do I contact if my area doesn’t have a Division Administrator?

If your department or college does not have a Division Administrator assigned, request assistance from a Brand Administrator.

If you are interested in becoming a Division Administrator for your Ohio State department or college, complete the Division Administrator Role Request.

Students using Qualtrics for a course, should contact their professor for assistance.

What level of data can be collected and stored in Qualtrics?

Qualtrics has been reviewed by Information Security. The Information Security Advisory Board has approved collecting and storing up to S3 (private data) in Qualtrics. To learn more about the data classifications levels please visit these OSU policies:

What is a BAA?

BAA stands for “Business Associate Agreement”. A BAA is typically used to establish terms and conditions for security restricted or sensitive data such as FERPA, PHI or HIPAA data. Restricted or sensitive data is considered S4 data.

Ohio State now has a BAA with Qualtrics. Qualtrics has been reviewed by Information Security. The Information Security Advisory Board has approved collecting and storing up to S3 (private data) in Qualtrics.

How do I transfer data out of my old survey tool into Qualtrics?

Download the data from your current survey tool.

Create a new survey in Qualtrics similar to the one you already had in your current survey tool.

Follow this link to see exactly how to upload your previous responses into the new Qualtrics survey:

Moving surveys can be a very tedious process. Users are encouraged to evaluate the need to store the survey results in Qualtrics. Take into account the costs and benefits of storing survey results in Qualtrics versus secure Ohio State or non-Ohio State computers/drives. When making these decisions, you can review the following:

How do I request an increase for my account to distribute my survey to a large group (above 10,000)?

Use the following attachment as a guide: Qualtrics Account Limitations

How do I collaborate on my survey with someone at Ohio State?

You can access the Qualtrics support page about collaboration:

How do I collaborate on my survey or share data with someone outside of Ohio State?

First, determine if your data and projects are allowed to be shared with non-OSU researchers or collaborators. The following links will help with this evaluation:

Researchers and other people you collaborate with who are not affiliated with Ohio State are responsible for acquiring/purchasing their own Qualtrics accounts.

How do I become a Division Administrator?

If you are faculty or staff and interested in becoming a Division Administrator for your college or department:

  • Review the Division Administrator roles and responsibilities.
  • Submit a completed Division Administrator request. Approval from your department or college administrator in a Director-level position or above will be required.
  • You will be notified if your request has been approved by your department or college administrator.
  • Upon approval, the required training must be completed before Division Administrator access is granted.

Note: Where necessary to reduce the number of Division Administrators, multiple smaller areas may be aligned under one Division Administrator.

How do I see who has accessed my account?

Log into your Qualtrics account, access Account Settings -> User Settings -> Recent Logins

How do I contact IRB (Institutional Review Board)?

Faculty and researchers utilizing surveys to obtain human subject data must contact and work with the Institutional Review Board. Visit:

When should I contact the Survey Coordinating Committee (SCC)?

The SCC coordinates surveys within the campus community in order to reduce survey burden and improve the quality of the information collected.

Learn more<link:>.

I am a student. What happens to my account when I graduate?

Once you graduate, you will have access to your Qualtrics account as long as the following are true:

  • Your Ohio State Username and password are active and allow you to log in
  • University maintains a contract with Qualtrics

I am an employee. What happens to my Qualtrics account if I leave the university?

Should you leave the university, you will have access to your Qualtrics account only if your Ohio State Username and password remain active.

If you plan to transfer your Qualtrics account to another institution, request permission from your Division Administrator to export the contents of your Ohio State Qualtrics account. Also, engage in proper protocols for managing data collected and stores in your Qualtrics account. Some of these protocols can be found here:

  1. IRB protocols
  2. Institutional Data Policy Training,
  3. Data Management Planning
  4. Office of Research Compliance, Export Control

Note: During account transfers, some data or access to data may be lost, such as shared projects, shared contacts and shared library files. It is recommended that once your Division Administrator provides approval, export shared surveys and data before your account is transferred.

How is Qualtrics funded?

Qualtrics is funded through a cost share model based on the number of FTE per college and department. This funding model was approved by the Senior Fiscal Officers and University Senate. As a result of its approval, faculty, staff and students can use Qualtrics for survey activities without being charged.