[Action Required] API Security Upgrade Test

As part of ongoing efforts to upgrade security, Qualtrics is deprecating users’ ability to access their accounts over unsecured HTTP connections.

This is a notification regarding upcoming deprecation HTTP endpoints of Qualtrics public APIs.

This email details the steps necessary to move over to the secure HTTPS endpoints and the timeline.

What is HTTPS?

HTTPS (Secure HTTP) denotes the use of HTTP with encryption protocols to create a secure connection between two machines. This encryption prevents attackers from intercepting sensitive information passed as part of a request from a website or API. This encryption is enabled when connecting to a secure part of a website or API indicated by an HTTPS URL, that is, a URL with the prefix https://.

What Action Needs to be Taken?

Version 2 API users must update the base URL of their API calls to begin with ‘https’ instead of ‘http’. This would be a simple string change in applications that call Qualtrics APIs. No additional code changes are necessary.

The base URL for the version 2 API is: https://survey.qualtrics.com/WRAPI/ControlPanel/api.php

Users that are using the API without the ‘s’ in the ‘https’ portion of the URL can search for ‘WRAPI/ControlPanel/api.php’ in their applications in order to find where it must be updated.

The deadline for switching version to API usage to HTTPS is June 15th, 2017.

After June 15th 2017, HTTP endpoint will be deprecated – which means applications that continue to call the HTTP endpoints will stop working.

Also note that API users may take this opportunity to transition to the newer version 3 API. Version 3 API  is fully RESTful and more state-of-the-art. Version 3 API documentation can be found at api.qualtrics.com.



Minor Change to Qualtrics Email Distribution

From: OSU Qualtrics Brand Administrators and OSU-OCIO Email Team

To: All OSU Qualtrics Users

Within the past few months we evaluated the best options to address issues related with emails distributed directly out of Qualtrics and being captured into recipients’ SPAM email boxes. In order to deal with these situations, we are planning to change the “From” email address in Qualtrics to qualtrics@osu.edu instead of the current email noreply@qualtrics-research.com

qualtrics@osu.edu is an OSU managed email. This email will not be associated with any particular survey or research protocols.

The timelines for this change are planned for the week of January 3 – 6, 2017.

We anticipate there will be no interruption to any survey protocols. We advise users to check their active surveys/projects/protocols during the week of January 9 – 13, 2017 to make sure that everything is working properly.

OSU-Email team and Qualtrics Technical team will perform testing right after the change. If the testing fail, we will resume to using the current “From” email: noreply@qualtrics-research.com

The Brand Administrators encouraged the Division Administrators to send this information to their users.

Additional resources can be found here:

–        Avoid being marked as Spam

–        Using a Custom From Address

–        Email Distribution Management

Please let us know if you have any questions.


The OSU Qualtrics Brand Administrators



The Qualtrics Brand Administrators and OSU-OCIO Email Team performed additional testing after the change of the “From Email” address in Qualtrics.

Unfortunately, there were a couple changes that did not work as planned:

  • Using the From Email as qualtrics@osu.edu displays differently based on how the survey is distributed to respondents. This creates confusion for respondents and increase the likelihood they would delete survey emails or view them as spam, rather than open and participate in the surveys.
  • We identified a maximum threshold for outgoing emails where the From Name was set to qualtrics@osu.edu. This limitation is set by Microsoft as 10,000 emails per day. There are caveats around what counts toward this limitation, but it is too small for larger survey projects, and monitoring and properly managing this limitation for all OSU Qualtrics users is not feasible at this time.

Based on the negative impacts to Qualtrics users that the aforementioned findings represent, the Brand Administrators asked Qualtrics to back out the change. The Qualtrics system now works as it did before with respect to the From Name field.

Backing out the change means that Qualtrics users will need to take additional protocols and steps to increase deliverability of their surveys. The best practices shared in the resources below should be used by Qualtrics users when creating and distributing surveys:

–        Avoid being marked as Spam

–        Email Distribution Management


The OSU Qualtrics Brand Administrators

Calling All OSU Qualtrics Users

Be a presenter at our monthly “Show & Tell” discussions.

All discussions will be held in 352 Classroom at Research Commons, 3rd Floor of 18th Avenue Library. from 12 – 1 PM.

Sharing experience and knowledge is what makes the OSU Qualtrics User Group a great community. So please do your part and tell others your Qualtrics tips and tricks during these brown bag discussions.

Submitting a presentation idea is easy. Just email us qualtricsbrandadmins@osu.edu, your title, topic, idea or tip, no later than a week prior each meeting.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Show & Tell – Upcoming Discussions, 2017

February 7th

March 7th

April 4th

May 2nd

June 6th

August 1st

September 5th

October 3rd

November 7th

December 5th

Additional Division Administrator Sessions Scheduled

Two additional informational sessions are scheduled for Division Administrators on September 7 and 13. These sessions are mainly intended for those Division Administrators who did not have a chance to attend any of the previously scheduled sessions.

Each session will cover the same information:

  • Close the loop on outstanding questions and concerns from last session
  • Interactive discussion around user types and upgrade codes
  • Demo of key aspects of the Qualtrics administrative tab
  • Division Administrator action items

An email containing the dates, times and additional information was sent by the OSU Qualtrics Brand Administrators group to those Division Administrators who did not attend any of the previously scheduled sessions.

If you are a Division Administrator, didn’t attend any of the previously scheduled sessions and did not receive the email sent on August 11th, please contact us.

Qualtrics Features Available to OSU Users

The following screenshots include the features currently available under the OSU Qualtrics License. The grayed out features are not available under the current license. For enabling any of the available features, users should contact their division administrators. Detailed description of these features is available at this link: https://www.qualtrics.com/support/

OSU-Qualtrics_Account-Permissions_August-2016-2h3u700.png (383×773)

OSU-Qualtrics_Questions-Types_August-2016-1a8o4b8.png (375×493)


Division Administrator Sessions Scheduled

Two informational sessions are scheduled for Division Administrators on June 8 and 22. Division Administrators are asked to attend one of the two sessions if their schedules permit.

Each session will cover the same information:

  • Close the loop on outstanding questions and concerns from last session
  • Interactive discussion around user types and upgrade codes
  • Demo of key aspects of the Qualtrics administrative tab
  • Division Administrator action items

An email was sent by the OSU Qualtrics Brand Administrators group on May 27 to all Qualtrics Division Administrators with dates, times, location and additional information.

If you are a Division Administrator and did not receive the email sent May 27, please contact us.

Qualtrics Gets New User Interface

Qualtrics has upgraded to a new user interface.

Current Ohio State Qualtrics users will be able to “opt in” to use and become familiar with the new interface. On June 21st, the old interface will be completely deactivated and the new user interface will be used to create and manage surveys.

To learn more, visit: New Qualtrics User Interface.


Qualtrics survey software has several uses at the university:

  1. Course requirements: students may need access to Qualtrics as a requirement for a course.
  2. Academic research: faculty conduct surveys that may need to be approved by institutional review board (IRB), or their results may contain sensitive and private data or be subject to HIPPA compliance.
  3. Administrative surveys: staff in various offices of the university and the Medical Center conduct surveys to make administrative decisions.
  4. Event registration: several people with Qualtrics accounts use it as a tool to register people for events and seminars.
  5. Proposal/Grant Submission and Review: some staff use Qualtrics to manage and review proposals and grants.

Qualtrics offers its own robust customer service and training resources through knowledge base articles on its website at http://www.qualtrics.com/university/researchsuite/. Students, staff and faculty are encouraged to first use these resources as they interact with the software or if they have a question that is beyond the scope or knowledge base of OSU staff.

This site has been established to provide one location from which faculty, staff and students can obtain basic information and access to resources for Qualtrics use at Ohio State.