Qualtrics Features Available to OSU Users

The following screenshots include the features currently available under the OSU Qualtrics License. The grayed out features are not available under the current license. For enabling any of the available features, users should contact their division administrators. Detailed description of these features is available at this link: https://www.qualtrics.com/support/

OSU-Qualtrics_Account-Permissions_August-2016-2h3u700.png (383×773)

OSU-Qualtrics_Questions-Types_August-2016-1a8o4b8.png (375×493)


Division Administrator Sessions Scheduled

Two informational sessions are scheduled for Division Administrators on June 8 and 22. Division Administrators are asked to attend one of the two sessions if their schedules permit.

Each session will cover the same information:

  • Close the loop on outstanding questions and concerns from last session
  • Interactive discussion around user types and upgrade codes
  • Demo of key aspects of the Qualtrics administrative tab
  • Division Administrator action items

An email was sent by the OSU Qualtrics Brand Administrators group on May 27 to all Qualtrics Division Administrators with dates, times, location and additional information.

If you are a Division Administrator and did not receive the email sent May 27, please contact us.

Qualtrics Gets New User Interface

Qualtrics has upgraded to a new user interface.

Current Ohio State Qualtrics users will be able to “opt in” to use and become familiar with the new interface. On June 21st, the old interface will be completely deactivated and the new user interface will be used to create and manage surveys.

To learn more, visit: New Qualtrics User Interface.


Qualtrics survey software has several uses at the university:

  1. Course requirements: students may need access to Qualtrics as a requirement for a course.
  2. Academic research: faculty conduct surveys that may need to be approved by institutional review board (IRB), or their results may contain sensitive and private data or be subject to HIPPA compliance.
  3. Administrative surveys: staff in various offices of the university and the Medical Center conduct surveys to make administrative decisions.
  4. Event registration: several people with Qualtrics accounts use it as a tool to register people for events and seminars.
  5. Proposal/Grant Submission and Review: some staff use Qualtrics to manage and review proposals and grants.

Qualtrics offers its own robust customer service and training resources through knowledge base articles on its website at http://www.qualtrics.com/university/researchsuite/. Students, staff and faculty are encouraged to first use these resources as they interact with the software or if they have a question that is beyond the scope or knowledge base of OSU staff.

This site has been established to provide one location from which faculty, staff and students can obtain basic information and access to resources for Qualtrics use at Ohio State.