May 7 Show and Tell: Survey Accessibility Demo

Tues., May 7 from 12:00-1:00, 350 Research Commons, 18th Ave. Library

Learn how screen readers for the visually impaired interact with Qualtrics surveys.  Peter Bossley, Director, Digital Accessibility Center with the ADA Coordinator’s Office, will provide a screen reader demo of several types of survey questions, including commonly used question types that are inaccessible.  The Brand Administrators also will provide an update on the University’s process for complying with Minimum Digital Accessibility Standards (MDAS) with Qualtrics.

March Show and Tell: Survey Email Best Practices

Tues., March 26 from 12:00-1:00, 352 Research Commons, 18th Ave. Library

Want to maximize the chances that your survey invitations and reminders are seen by recipients? In this session led by Elaine Armbruster, Director of Email Marketing & Marketing Automation, you will learn what determines whether or not your email makes it into the inbox (versus the spam folder – or worse – blocked!) and how you can implement simple best practices to ensure inbox placement.

UPDATED: View the slides from the presentation

February Show and Tell: Using Net Promoter Scores

Tues., Feb. 12 from 12:00-1:00, 352 Research Commons, 18th Ave. Library

Samantha Frost (Sr. Director, Alumni Experiences, OSUAA) will present on how the Advancement Events team uses Qualtrics to measure the success of events through post-event Net Promoter Score surveys. She will walk through how the survey templates are created and updated, how the event surveys are distributed and shared, and how using the tool allows for more collaboration between colleagues and streamlining of process.  She will also share how using the tool has ultimately allowed the team to measure success in a consistent manner as well as better respond to audience needs.

Upcoming Events: Stats iQ Demo and Basic Qualtrics Training for Faculty and Staff

Qualtrics representatives will be on campus on Tues., Oct. 9 to lead our first Show and Tell Discussion of this academic year.  They also will provide a one-hour basic overview of Qualtrics for faculty and staff who are new users.

October Show and Tell:  Stats iQ Demo (open to all) – Tues., Oct. 9 from 12:00-1:00, 18th Ave. Library, 3rd Floor Research Commons

Qualtrics will provide a demo on Stats iQ, a tool that enables users to do statistical analyses and visualizations within Qualtrics. This tool recently was added to the university’s Qualtrics license. No registration required.

Training:  Introduction to Qualtrics for Faculty and Staff (registration required) – Tues., Oct. 9 from 1:00-2:00, 18th Ave. Library, 3rd Floor Research Commons

Qualtrics representatives will provide a basic overview of Qualtrics survey software for faculty and staff who are new Qualtrics users.  The session will cover how to gain access to Qualtrics, how to create a survey instrument, how to distribute a survey, and how to create a survey report.  Space is limited and registration is required through BuckeyeLearn.

New Option for Qualtrics Email Distribution to Improve Deliverability and Enable Custom Addresses:

Qualtrics users have a new option to distribute surveys and reminders using a custom OSU email address.  The new domain has enhanced email security set up to make it compatible with sending from Qualtrics.  Users can create their own “From” addresses using in the address, making it easier for recipients to identify that a survey is coming from an Ohio State University sender.  By sending emails through this domain, emails may be less likely to be flagged as spam.  Read Instructions for Using to Distribute Surveys in Qualtrics for more detailed information.

April Show and Tell: Exporting Data

Tuesday, April 3 from 12:00-1:00, 352 Research Commons, 18th Ave. Library

Leah Halper (Brand Admininistrator/Center for the Study of Student Life) and Sean Duffy (OhioLINK) will be presenting on how to export data from Qualtrics. They will cover the export process for Excel, SPSS and TSV. During the presentation, they will explain the differences between using the Table Exporter function versus the Legacy Exporter function. They will finish up by reviewing some recent bugs in the Qualtrics exporting process.

November Show and Tell

Tuesday, November 7 from 12:00-1:00, Research Commons Room 352

Have questions about onboarding and getting the most from Qualtrics?  Join Heather Lansky from the College of Education and Human Ecology as she talks about some of the training resources she has created including “5 Functions You May Not Know About.”

URGENT: Email Issue with Qualtrics

Qualtrics is currently working on an issue with emails.  Survey emails distributed through Qualtrics are bouncing when sent to email accounts and other accounts that go through Microsoft.  The issue is system-wide, not just Ohio State University.  User are advised NOT to distribute surveys through Qualtrics until further notice.

UPDATE 10/10/17 – The issue with email has been resolved and users may distribute surveys again.