Qualtrics behind BuckeyePass Jan. 1, 2022

Ohio State is expanding use of multifactor authentication to increase the level of security to prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing university information. On Jan. 1, Ohio State will integrate the use of BuckeyePass (Duo) with Qualtrics. BuckeyePass is provided to faculty, staff and students to help protect their accounts even if a password is stolen. Qualtrics is a widely used survey tool often used to collect research information. Read more about BuckeyePass.

2 thoughts on “Qualtrics behind BuckeyePass Jan. 1, 2022

  1. Hello! Is it feasable to create the domain url: qualtrics.osu.edu
    …and redirect to the Qualtrics site: osu.qualtrics.com ?

    I am continually landing at that 404, just because I am so trained to type domains.osu.edu. (I wonder if I am not the only one!) That would help me get authenticated quicker. It’s a suggestion for usability. Thanks for considering it!

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