Important Notification from Qualtrics: Public V2 APIs Deprecation

This is an important product notification. As part of this commitment and our continued effort to offer new capabilities, we are announcing an update on the Public V2 Deprecation Program: the new deprecation date will be March 31st, 2020 to complete the migration to our Public V3 APIs.

To ensure uninterrupted service of the API calls in your brand, we encourage you to please read this information carefully.

Why is this important? The migration to our Public V3 APIs is critical for:

  • Improving security (reduces attack surface)
  • Increasing availability
  • Enhancing the developer experience (easier to develop)
  • Add new functionality and capabilities

What actions do you need to take?

  • Please make sure you migrate all applications/services using Public V2 APIs (excluding Website/App Feedback and 360) to V3, before the deprecation date
  • All existing V2 functionality can be found with our new V3 API set
  • Failure to migrate any Public V2 APIs to V3 before March 31st, 2020, may result in failure to access the Qualtrics XM Platform
  • Additional documentation can be found here V2-to-V3 MIGRATION GUIDE

What should I do if I have questions?

It’s always worth checking the XM Community to see if any other Users have had the same question about the API Migration. If you’d rather speak to a specialist, our Support Team is always ready to assist. Please contact them here: Support Center.

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