About Us

QualLab is a research center that fosters capacity building of EHE faculty, post-docs, researchers and graduate students and strives to be an inter/national in person and online destination location for advancing qualitative inquiry toward innovation, equity, diversity and justice.

We Care About Our:

Mission, Purposeful Vision & Core Values

Our Team:

* Director of Qualitative Methods and QualLab, Penny A. Pasque, Professor
* Graduate Research Associate, Tessa Smith, Ph.D. student
* Graduate Research Associate, Ruth Lu, Ph.D. candidate
* Graduate Research Associate, Chelsea Gilbert, Ph.D. student
* NVivo Expert, Rhodesia McMillan, Assistant Professor
* Faculty Fellows
* And Many Graduate students, Post-Doc, and Faculty Volunteers!

Contact us at QualLab@osu.edu or on Twitter: @QualLabOSU.
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Note: All consultations & events will be virtual until further notice. Stay safe!