Automated 3D Recovery from Multi-view Satellite Imagery  (Video)

 Contributor: Rongjun Qin
point clouds generated using JHUAPL benchmark dataset

Street View Change Detection Based on MLS Point Clouds and Terrestrial Images (video)
Contributors: Rongjun Qin, Armin Gruen


3D Modelling of NUS Campus Based on UAV Images (5 cm resolution)
Contributors: Prof. em. Armin Gruen, Rongjun Qin, Xianfeng Huang, Tangwu Du, Wei Fang, Guofei Wang.

NUS campus

3D Modelling of Punggol Area with Worldview stereo imagery
Contributors: Rongjun Qin, Guofei Wang (Under Prof.em. Armin Gruen)


3D Modelling of Rochor with IKONOS Images
Contributors: Rongjun Qin, Xianfeng Huang, East-dawn  (under Prof. em. Armin Gruen)


Building Detection with Very High Resolution Remote Sensing Images Combined with the Matched DSM
Contributors: Rongjun Qin, Wei Fang.


The Vaihingen data set was provided by the German Society for Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Geoinformation (DGPF) for the ISPRS benchmark test

Change Detection on LOD 2 Building Models with Very High Resolution Spaceborne Stereo Imagery (video)
Contributor: Rongjun Qin


Spatiotemporal Inferences for Use in Building Detection Using Series of Very High Resolution Spaceborne Stereo Images
Contributors: Rongjun Qin, Jiaojiao Tian, Peter Reinartz
Raw building probability of time-sequence data
Spatial-temporally inferred building probability

 Ultra-High resolution image classification combining orthophoto and digital surface models
Contributors: Rongjun Qin, Qian Zhang

3D change detection using scanned aerial photos
Contributors: Rongjun Qin, Xin Huang, Armin Gruen, Gerhard Schmitt


                         Red: demolished, Green: new buildings (from 2002-2007, Zurich)

Colorizing 3D point clouds with thermal images
Contributor: Rongjun Qin