about me

Hello everyone!


My name is Xinyu Qian, I come from Beijing, China. This is my first year in United States. In study life, I prefer arts course because I like history, geography and anthropology. I found it much easier for me to memorize history events or cities and countries than memorize equation of math or chemistry. In my leisure, I usually watch videos about games or anime. Same to my trend in my study life, I like games about history and warfare. Although I do exercise in the gym every day, I don’t like any sports like basketball or football.

                         Beijing in China

The second paragraph is about my past life. As a student who studies in a Chinese regular high school, my high school life was boring and overwhelming, but there are still some impressive glance in my student life. On one day in April 2017, we went to Xi’an for academic trip about Chinese ancient historical sites. During this trip, I have been to one tomb of a Chinese emperor, and in this tomb, I saw everything I want to know like how they built it and how they preserve their emperor. Whereas, we tried some famous food and drink in Xi’an like noodle with spicy oil, Chinese burger. That was the most impressive time in my student life.

Pictor about tomb we been to


According to why I choose OSU as my university and why I select environmental science as my major. Columbus locates near great lakes, and since I was a kid I was looking forward to live in a city were near a lake as bigger as sea. Great lakes are the best places to match my dream. Also, as a student from a city which suffer smog every winter. I want to improve my hometown’s atmosphere by my hand and knowledge. These are why I choose OSU and environmental science.



Smog day in Beijing