Group Project:How to be a good student

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Here’s all the source relevant to the picture and script


The Great Wall

Egypt’s pyrmaid

babylon sky garden


Ata Chonen: A Prayer for Wisdom

Difference between wisdom and knowledge


About Me

Hello everyone, my name is Dino Qian. I am from Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China. I have many hobbies, such as fitness, cycling, and listening to music. I am a headset enthusiast, and I like to collect a wide variety of headphones. So far, I have a particular liking for Sen Hauser and Shure’s headphones. If I want to listen to pop songs, I will choose Shure. If I want to choose to listen to classical music, I will use Sennheiser headphones. I usually listen to classical music on weekdays, mostly neoclassical music. My favorite composer is Ezio Bosso. “Air, on the first star of the night” is my favorite.

I used to study IB(International Baccalaureate) courses at an international school in my hometown. I think IB is a perfect course. Although we need to write a lot of papers, we can control our time. Our courses also include three activities: creativity activity service. We need to take about 3 hours a week to do extracurricular activities. One of my homes is in Los Angeles, our house is on the top of the mountain, and at night we can see the night scenes of Los Angeles. Although the evening isfreezing, the bonfire in the backyard can provide warmth to me outside.