Lindsay and Shireen setting up for behavioral testing

Dr. Pyter presenting a seminar at VCU Fall 2017


Ashley, Jessica, & Savannah at our Winter Solstice Party 2017


Josh “in position” for behavioral testing

Jass presenting at OSU Denman Undergraduate Research forum 2016


IBMR 2015 Winter party

High school “Neuroscience Bootcamp” Summer 2016



Savannah presenting at OSU Denman Undergraduate Research Forum 2016



Pyter Lab 2015

Dr. Pyter giving OSU Neuroscience Alumnus talk 2015

Dr. Pyter being dunked by the lab to raise $ for cancer research. Pelotonia 2019

more Pelotonia 2019

Winter Solstice Escape Room Party with Gur & Barrientos Labs 2018

Pyter Lab Summer 2019

Pyter Lab Party Fall 2019: competitive tower building

Pyter Lab Party Fall 2019

Pyter Lab Party Fall 2019: Lindsay crushing the ninja line

Dr. Grant & Ethan Goodman rigging up behavioral tests 2019

Dr. Grant modeling COVID19 benchwork-safety fanny pack

Dr. Sullivan’s socially-distant grad party 2020

Pyter Lab team supporting Dr. Sullivan’s graduation 2020

Lindsay, Dr. Grant, and Lauren furiously prepping mouse microglia 2022

Lindsay and Lauren attending the Psychoneuroimmunology Research Society conference in Zurich! 2022

Pyter Lab Winter Solstice Escape Room 2021