Extension Office Taking Putnam County AG Hall of Fame Nominations

Since its creation in 1820, Putnam County has long been recognized as a highly productive agricultural county in Ohio. Past and present farmers have worked the ground, tended crops, raised livestock, protected our streams and rivers, and developed innovative equipment and methods to ensure that we have an abundance of food on our tables.

Early next year we will once again recognize our strong agricultural heritage by inducting recipients into the Putnam County Agriculture Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame honors individuals and businesses that have contributed significantly to Putnam County’s agricultural legacy. Last year, the Putnam County Agriculture Hall of Fame inducted Lewis Klass, formerly of Leipsic, Donald Kimmet of Ottawa, and Albert Maag of Findlay.

We need your help in identifying potential recipients for 2022 and beyond. If you know of someone who has contributed to the county’s agricultural base, please contact our office so that we may send them or a representative of their family a nomination form. Nomination forms may also be found on our website at www.putnam.osu.edu.

Award nominees, whether living or deceased, must have made their major contribution to agriculture as a result of being born in, living in, beginning or completing their career in Putnam County, Ohio. Nominations may be made in the following categories: producer or farmer; or an agricultural-related activity such as a business, industry association, education, or government.

A wooden plaque honoring our Putnam County Agriculture Hall of Fame recipients since 2018 is on display at the Courthouse in the Recorders office.

Putnam County Ag Hall of Fame Application


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